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Liberating Technologies that save you money and more, Never buy laundry soap again, Imagine never paying another electricity bill

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Stop Buying Laundry Soap Forever!
Magnetic Laundry System

With our Magnetic Laundry System your clothes get cleaner and last longer.

Plus you'll save all that you're spending on Laundry Soap - Forever!

  • Hypo-allergenic, Softens hard water,
  • Non-toxic, Color safe, Non polluting, No static cling,
  • No chemical residues, Will not damage fabrics, Lifetime warranty

Detergent Free

Soil Eradicator

Non-Toxic, enzyme based chemical-free stain remover
Sample included with the Magnetic Laundry System

Soil Eradicator


Completely Non-Toxic Bug Killer
The safe way to eliminate insect pests


Fire Barrier

Completely Non-toxic fire retardant
Use directly on porous surfaces or add to paint

Fire Barrier


This amazing product absorbs 15 times it's weight in oil and rejects water. Use to cleanup any hydrocarbon spill on land or even in the ocean. Hydroweed will not release the absorbed hydrocarbons, so you can safely dispose of it in your garden!



Paint on a thermal insulating barrier. Virtually blocks thermal transfer and eliminates the need for insulation



Treat your plants to the sounds of Nature, so they will briskly absorb nutrients through their leaves, for phenomenal vitality, resiliency, and even pest resistance. Imagine eating delicious, nutritious, vital food again! With Soni-Grow, everything that grows - grows better!


Power Controller

Optimizes energy savings, enhances performance and extends the life of inductive motors

Power Controller


Get your clothes cleaner without buying anymore laundry soap for the rest of your life, with our Magnetic Laundry System