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One of Nature's Non-Chemical Wonders

Hydroweed absorbs hydrocarbons and encapsulates them on contact while it rejects water!

Hydroweed rejects water indefinitely and literally locks up the oil and chemicals along with any heavy metals, preventing them from leaking out once they are absorbed. Because Hydroweed will not release soaked up oil or other hydrocarbons, it's ideal for cleaning up any type of oil or chemical spill.

Using a select type of organic material, and processing that sterilizes the individual fibers, Hydro-Weed is a safe, environmentally friendly product. that's
non corrosive, non polluting and non toxic. It's completely safe and easy to use.

Because Hydro-Weed will NOT release soaked up oil or other hydrocarbons, it is the ideal product for cleaning up any type of oil spill or chemical spill. Hydro-Weed is specially treated so that it rejects water indefinitely. Instead it
literally 'locks up' chemicals and heavy metals, preventing them from leaking or washing out once they are absorbed.

Hydrocarbons pose a clear and present danger to all living creatures, and plants. Fortunately Hydroweed absorbs only Hydrocarbons from water in the ocean, lakes, rivers or streams where it is used.

Hydro-Weed sprinkled on the top of the water or applied to contamination, will absorb and contain the chemicals, locking them up' so that they cannot stick to any living creature, vegetation or shore line.

Hydroweed treated organic fibers also encapsulates (holds) the chemicals, preventing them from sinking.

A bird landing on the top of a spill that's been treated with Hydro-Weed would simply take off again without a single drop of oil on its feathers.

Once the spill has been cleaned up, you can simply dispose of the Hydro-Weed by possibly spreading it along a fence for safe non-poisonous weed control. Nature will then provide the microbes that eat the oil or the chemicals encapsulated within the Hydroweed ultimately to benefit the soil.

Hydro-Weed is ideal for anyone anywhere that chemicals or oil are used. Boat owners or anyone who regularly uses chemicals or encounters spills will love this product.

Hydro-Weed works just as well on dry surfaces or on soil as it does on water and it will selectively pick up a chemical spill on a wet roadway and leave the water behind.

Hydro-Weed can be used as a packing material in boxes containing shipments of chemical products. Every transporter should carry Hydro-Weed to safeguard against insurance loss and environmental damage.

Every household should have an ample supply of Hydro-Weed to catch and absorb oil, grease and other hydrocarbons, and dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner.
One pound of Hydroweed will absorb eight to twelve times it's weight in medium oil, and that's fifteen times more than clay. One 17 Gallon bag of Hydroweed will absorb approximately 17 gallons of oil or other Hydrocarbons and that's about 1 gallon of oil per pound weight of Hydroweed.

Note that the content of the bag you receive may becompressed such that17 gallons of Hydroweed will arrive in a10 gallon size bag.

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