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Fire Barrier is the natural and safe way to protect your home from fire. Made from a non-toxic concentrated salt it won't add anything toxic to your home. You can add it to paint or apply it to bare wood, but either way your home will become more resistant to fire, giving your family more time to deal with a fire or get to safety.

A Fire Sentry Bottle is a must to have next to the stove, and keep one in your glove compartment to deal with an engine fire.


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Fire Barrier

Fire Barrier

FR101 Fire Barrier is the only Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable and Earth Friendly fire retardant product on the market today. It's been thoroughly tested by an internationally recognized laboratory and has been given a non-toxic rating in the critical areas of eye irritation, skin irritation, and/or oral consumption.

(See attached sheet for specs). Fire Barrier is an aqueous solution of inorganic materials, formulated to provide a flame retardant up to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit before ignition, by incorporating a blocking mechanism which inhibits the flame penetration to the substrate materials.

When applied to porous substrates, it provides the equivalent of Class A fire retardancy and has no visible effect on the substrates, nor does it change the feel, texture, or serviceability of the substrate. It's easily applied and isn't harmful to humans or animal life or the environment. All of the chemicals used in this formula are presently being used in the food processing industry so Fire Barrier has a non-hazardous base.

Don’t Let Your Most Prized Possessions Go Up In Smoke!!!

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Fire Sentry

Fire safety for stove and car or anywhere fire could be a problem. Reliable fire extinguisher stops fire instantly and more effectively than conventional fire extinguishers. For more info see: Fire Sentry Bottle

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