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The Environmental Clean-Up Product For the 21st Century, Hydro-Weed is one of Nature's non-chemical wonders!

  • Absorbs oil and other hydrocarbons while it rejects water!
  • Absorbs 15 times as much hydrocarbon as the equivalent weight of clay, making it much more practical and less expensive!
  • Completely safe and easy to use Dispose of Hydroweed in your Garden!


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Hydroweed absorbs hydrocarbons by encapsulating them on contact. It is one of nature's non-chemical wonders. One pound of Hydroweed will absorb EIGHT TO TWELVE TIMES ITS WEIGHT in medium oil ... That's fifteen times more than clay! Hydroweed rejects water indefinitely and literally "locks up" the oil and chemicals along with any heavy metals, preventing them from leaking out once they are absorbed. Because Hydroweed will not release soaked up oil or other hydrocarbons, it is ideal for cleaning up any type of oil or chemical spill.