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Reduce or Eliminate the need to pump out your Septic Tank or Grease Trap. Just drop one in your septic tank to naturally clean the waste from your septic tank.  The microbes in the tabs are time released from the tablet to maintain the microbial bio-remediation action. Reduces or eliminates septic tank pumping.


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Grease Tabs
Grease Tabs - Bio Remediation Microbial grease eater converts oil to carbon dioxide and water.  Reduce or eliminate the need to pump out your grease trap!
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Septic Tabs

Septic Tab Septic Tabs bioremediate the content of your septic tank converting it to carbon dioxide and water reducing or eliminating pump outs. Just drop one in your septic tank to bioremediate the organic matter. Use one every 6 months or so to reduce or eliminate septic tank pumping.

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