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Grease Tabs

Grease Tabs
Grease Tabs Bioremediation Tabs convert the grease in grease traps to carbon dioxide and water.

Just drop one in your septic tank to naturally clean the waste from your septic tank. The microbes in the tab are time released from the tablet to maintain the microbial bio-remediation action.  Reduces or eliminates septic tank pumping.

Grease TabsGrease Tabs
GT-Tabs contain safe and natural bacteria that have been proven to reduce the buildup of grease, fats, oils, proteins, lipids and detergents in grease traps.

The bacteria in GT-Tabs actually digest the biodegradable contents of a grease trap and will reduce the frequency of pumping. GT-Tabs will also reduce bad odors such as the rotten egg odor (hydrogen sulfate).

GT-Tabs are safe and very easy to use. Simply drop them directly into the grease trap. The slow release design delivers a constant supply of bacteria directly where it is most need, the grease trap.

Application Rate

Size of
grease trap
per month
1-100 gallons 1 1/month 1 per month
100 - 1000 gallons 2 2/month 1 every 2 weeks
1000-2000 gallons 3 3/month 1 every 10 days
over 2000 gallons 4 4/month 2 every 2 weeks


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Soni-Grow nutrient 1 gallon w/ CD

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