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Natural - Non-Toxic Insect Killer products Insect-A-Shield can be used in and around the house, on your pet and in your garden to eliminate insect pests ExxAnt is specifically for eliminating ant mounds in a way that prevents the insects from coming back. The ants are there to make an energetic adjustment to the earth but ExxAnt makes that adjustment and at the same time eliminates the ants making the treated area no longer attractive to the ants These are all Non-Toxic, Non-Poisonous & Earth Friendly products for dealing with insect pests safely.

At each Technology Tour show in 2006, Dennis Lee drank Insect-A-Shield powder mixed with water as proof it's harmless and he reported feeling better by the end of the tour because Insect-a-Shield kills parasites in animals and mammals when taken internally.

Organic Farmers - you'll love this!

What's in it?
Insect-a-Shield is based on diatomaceous earth and has other ingredients that facilitate delivery.  It's a natural and safe alternative to poisonous insecticides.

Also added to most varieties is Pyrethrum, one of mans oldest insecticides - highly lethal to insects.  It comes from chrysanthemum flowers located in Kenya and Ecuador and is a digestible vegetable extract of the flower. Piperonyl butoxide is another vegetable extract that is an insecticide in its own right. It is added to Insect-a-Shield to greater enhance the Pyrethrum and make it more effective. Together, these three ingredients make Insect-a-Shield a safe and effective bug killer.


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