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Laundry Alternative

   Save all the money you would otherwise spend on laundry soap forever !

Since the average family spends approximately $10 a month on detergent, that's about $120 per year, so in roughly 6 months your Magna-Clean Laundry System will pay for itself.

Can increase the life of your fabrics!...No Breakdown In the Tensile Strength From Harsh Chemicals. Your Clothes can Last Longer, and dryer lint is reduced.

Magna-Clean Laundry Magnets do to water what laundry soap does so with these specially calibrated laundry magnets you'll completely eliminate the need to buy laundry detergent.

Soil Eradicator
Is a natural citrus enzymatic stain removing alternative that replaces toxic chemicals such as "spray and wash".

ALSO you'll automatically receive a free registration for free electricity when you buy a Magnetic Laundry System.


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Magnetic Laundry System

With a Magnetic Laundry System you'll never need to buy laundry soap ever again! And your clothes will last longer.  They'll be free of perfumes and chemicals.

Market price: $75.00 save 13%
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Soil Eradicator
Use totally organic, enzyme based cleaning solution to replace toxic cleaners in a variety of applications.  It's a perfect non-toxic mate to the Magnetic Laundry System for replacing chemical stain removers.
Market price: $39.95 save 18%