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Soni-Grow Home and Garden Kit w/cd

Soni-Grow Home and Garden Kit w/cd

With a Soni-Grow sound and nutrient system you'll get dramatic results with the plants you grow in terms of growth, yield and maturity.

The Soni-Grow nutrients spray is an organic blend of nutrients, enzymes, hormones, carbohydrates and stimulants. Among the most important nutrients are nitrogen from organic sources, potash, phosphorous and calcium.

Choose either the Veges® Sound Machine for commercial farming or use the CD to produces an audible, low frequency sound of less than 4000 Hertz, which stimulates the pores on plant leaves to open and increase the absorption of carbon dioxide and Soni-Grow's Nutrient many times over.

The sound increases plant absorption both foliarly and by root uptake, resulting in greater growth and production.

Soni-Grow Nutrients have been frequency tuned to match the sounds on the CD in order to produce the greatest possible results. There are other plant growth stimulants, but the Soni-Grow's performance is a result of its unique use of low frequency sound and frequency tuned nutrients.

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