Septic Tabs

Septic Tabs

Just drop one in your septic tank to bio-remediate the biological content of your septic tank. Use one approximately every 6 months to significantly reduce even eliminate the need for septic tank pump-outs.

Grease Tabs

Grease TabsGrease
GT-Tabs contain safe and natural bacteria that have been proven to reduce the buildup of grease, fats, oils, proteins, lipids and detergents in grease traps.

The bacteria in GT-Tabs actually digest the biodegradable contents of a grease trap and will reduce the frequency of pumping. GT-Tabs will also reduce bad odors such as the rotten egg odor (hydrogen sulfate).

GT-Tabs are safe and very easy to use. Simply drop them directly into the grease trap. The slow release design delivers a constant supply of bacteria directly where it is most need, the grease trap.

Application Rate

Size of grease trap GT-Tabs per month Single Application Multiple Application
1-100 gallons 1 1/month 1 per month
100 – 1000 gallons 2 2/month 1 every 2 weeks
1000-2000 gallons 3 3/month 1 every 10 days
over 2000 gallons 4 4/month 2 every 2 weeks