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Soni-Grow is a system of applying sound and nutrients in a foliar feeding program that produces dramatic results in the growth, yield and maturity of plants. Soni-Grow is an organic blend of nutrients, enzymes, hormones, carbohydrates and stimulants.

The Home and Garden Kit comes with an audio tape of the sound pattern, a concentrated nutrient formula, a spray bottle and a gardening spade.



is a system of applying sound and nutrients in a foliar feeding program that produces dramatic results in the growth, yield and maturity of plants. Soni-Grow is an organic blend of nutrients, enzymes, hormones, carbohydrates and stimulants. Among the most important nutrients are nitrogen from organic sources, potash, phosphorous and calcium.
The sound element of the Soni-Grow System is produced by a Veges? Sound Machine or audio tape which produces an audible, low frequency sound of less than 4000 Hertz. The frequency of this special sound stimulates the pores on plant leaves to open.
When these pores, Potrowsare open, the plant is able to increase its absorption of carbon dioxide and Soni-Grow’s Nutrient many times over. The sound increases plant absorption both foliarly and by root uptake, resulting in greater growth and production.
Soni-Grow Nutrients have been frequency tuned to match the Veges? Sound Machine, in order to produce the greatest possible results. There are other plant growth stimulants, but the Soni-Grow’s performance is a result of its unique use of low frequency sound and frequency tuned nutrients.

Soni-Grow is available in a home and garden kit for your back-yard garden and in gallon or drum quantities for commercial use.

Soni-Grow’s patented technology of specially balanced sound and foliar feeding will enhance the growth of crops, producing measurably increased yields of high-quality, nutritious, healthy fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs, as well as outstanding flowers and tree growth.

Fruits and vegetables will grow bigger, mature earlier and last longer. An additional benefit of using Soni-Grow is that it produces healthier plants, and may thus decrease the need for harsh, chemical rescue, because a healthy plant will be more resistant to insects and diseases.

Soni-Grow’s effect on plants can be tested almost immediately. Just use a Refractometer, an instrument that measures the Brix [sugar content of plant sap] before spraying and about an hour after spraying, or use a control group that does not get treated with Soni-Grow.

Soni-Grow can be applied to virtually any plant and is especially beneficial in use with seeds. Use Soni-Grow with:
  • Row crops such as lettuce, spinach, soy beans, broccoli, corn, onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, etc.
  • Bush crops and berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bush beans, etc.
  • Tree fruit including apple trees, cherry trees and peach trees
  • Ornamentals including flowers and taxus baccata (ornamental yew)
  • Small grain crops including rice, wheat , oats, speltz, and barleyVegcollage
Benefits of using the Soni-Grow System:
  • Stimulates plant growth both foliarly and by root uptake.
  • Increases absorption of carbon dioxide and moisture
  • Better uniformity of fruit and vegetable size
  • Dramatically increases flowering and fruiting productivity leading to increased yields
  • Higher brix and nutrient levels
  • Superior taste
  • Longer shelf and storage life
  • Increased resistance to pests and disease by strengthening the plant’s immune system
  • Earlier maturity of produce, permitting farmers to beat their competition to market
  • Inexpensive to use, producing much more in yield than the cost of the product.
About the Soni-Grow Nutrients
Soni-Grow Nutrients are an organic based and specially balanced blend of nutrients, enzymes, naturally occurring hormones, carbohydrates and stimulants. It is the best possible balanced food for your crops. Among the ingredients in theVeggies blend are: organic nitrogen from compost tea extract, kelp, natural plant sugar extracts, natural growth regulators and stimulators and amino acids. Because the product contains ingredients such as kelp, just about all trace minerals that are found in the sea will be found in Soni-Grow. However, because they are only in trace quantities, they cannot be placed on the label. Plants only need a small amount of trace minerals and these are found in correct balance in our mixture.
The finished product is frequency tuned to the sound produced by the Veges? Sound Machine and tape, making them completely compatible and harmonic. No other foliar spray will perform as well with the Veges Sound Machine. Frequency tuning increases the potency of the effect of the nutrients when sprayed in conjunction with playing the unique low frequency sound. The sound played before, during and after spraying, increases the receptivity and absorption rate of the plant, and prepares it to receive Soni-Grow’s high potency nutrition.
VeggiesBecause it is frequency tuned, Soni-Grow nutrient mix can also be used as a soil fertilizer. Soni-Grow may be used in liquid planters (on or near the seed), transplant solutions, or drip systems. A quart per acre is the suggested rate. Soni-Grow may be mixed with other fertilizers for use in the soil.

Soni-Grow Nutrients should not be left in direct sunlight, or allowed to freeze.

The Veges? Sound Machine is a low frequency, audible sound machine whose tones stimulate the uptake of foliar and ground nutrients by the target plant(s) by opening pores. It will increase the absorption of carbon dioxide, moisture and nutrients from the air. The low frequency of less than 4000 Hertz is not blocked by buildings or trees.
The Veges? Sound Machine covers a 50-100 acre circular pattern.

Sealed units are built to last a lifetime when properly cared for, as there are no moving parts. The unit includes a built in solar panel/battery charger and timer. A car battery and three (3) 5 ft. by 4 inch PVC pipes [code 40] need to be obtained locally. These pipes become the organ pipes to amplify the sound. The battery runs the sound unit and the solar panel keeps the battery charged. Never play the sound for more than a few seconds without the 5 foot pipes inserted into the collars or the speakers will be damaged. Stands are sold separately.

A separate stand should be used with the Sound Machine. The standPeas should support the sound box such that the bottom of the pipes are at least 12 inches off the ground. It can be more than 12 inches, but never less. The sound that the unit emits will travel down the PVC pipes and will then roll out along the ground. This is the best way for the sound to travel. You can build your own support unit as long as it keeps the bottom ends of the PVC Sound Tubes that you attach to the sound box, at least 12 inches off the ground or purchase the specially designed aluminum stands from BWT.

Be sure to attach the sound box to the frame to prevent dislodging or theft. You will also need to put spacers between the 5 ft. tubes in the middle and/or near the ends to prevent dislodging the collars from the bottom of the sound box. Set screws may also be used to secure the pipes into the collars. Gluing is not recommended as it makes the entire unit cumbersome to deal with thereafter. Finally, we suggest some flexible screening be placed over the bottom end of the pipes to prevent insect or bird entrance.

The unit should never be played if it is not attached to the 5 ft. PVC pipes. However, you may want to test the unit before you go to the trouble of mounting it in the field. The unit should produce an audible sound. However, Do not play the sound for more than 5 seconds without the pipes or damage will occur. If a unit does not produce an audible sound when attached to a 12 volt car battery and selected for manual mode when first received, then it should be returned post paid for an exchange. Be sure and note the small indicator bar that appears in the face of the timer as you select the various modes.

Important to remember: The sound produced by the Sound Machine, although a low frequency, is audible. If when standing next to a plant you cannot hear the unit from a given distance with normal hearing & no distracting noise, that means it is probably not working on that plant. There may be some residual benefit to the plant, but it will not produce the desired results.

An alternative for smaller acreage: The Veges? Sound Machine is intended for commercial acreage of 50-100 acres. It can certainly be used on smaller acreage, but might not be as cost effective for small areas as the use of a tape recorder or boom box. For Greenhouses, the sound from a tape is sufficient. If you have acreage that you feel is too small for the Veges? Machine, but too big for convenient use of a tape recorder or boom box, here is a suggestion:

Connect a tape player or boom box to the front of a tractor, and one to the back. As the tractor travels through the fields, the sound will be emanating in both directions. Then park the tractor in the area and let it continue to play for another 20-30 minutes. Normally, you want to play the sound at least 30 minutes before you spray and at least 30 minutes after you spray, but this technique is worth trying.
Using the Soni-Grow System is Simple

1. Dilution Rate and Application Coverage:
Soni-Grow Nutrients come in a concentrate and must be diluted before use. One pint of product is intended to cover one acre. The ideal dilution rate is 25 parts of water to 1 part of concentrate. However, it is important to remember that the dilution rate is directly related to the spray rate of the equipment you are using to apply the product. For instance, the dilution rate will be different for a field sprayer and an aerial sprayer, but only because the spray rate of each is different. Again, the ideal dilution rate is 25 to 1.

The same amount of product will be used per acre, whether you need to dilute the product 20 to 1 or 200 to 1. It is always one pint per acre, using the least amount of water possible.
Don’t be deceived by comparing dilution rates. It is the product coverage that is important. When calculating the cost of using Soni-Grow or any other application, always use the product coverage. When you do this, you can see how inexpensive using Soni-Grow is. We calculate the cost to cover one acre is less than $20 per acre, per spray. Not much when you consider the results.

2. Mixing The Nutrient
Be sure to follow these simple instructions carefully and in the following sequence.

  1. Make sure the spray tank is clean. Fill partially, add small amount of dish soap and household ammonia. Shake or run circulating pumps and spray out on a dirt surface to remove any pesticide residues.
  2. Fill the tank 2/3rds full with non-chlorinated water. (If chlorinated water is all that is available, fill tank and let stand open overnight, without a cover.)
  3. Shake the nutrient bottle vigorously for sufficient time to mix contents that may have settled to the bottom.
  4. Pour the measured amount of Soni-Grow Nutrient into the tank remembering to take into account the spray rate of the equipment you are using. REMEMBER: 1 Pint Covers 1 Acre
  5. Continue filling the tank to desired volume.Circulate tank to mix.
  6. Once mixed, do not leave Soni-Grow Nutrients standing for more than a couple of hours. Do not leave standing in a hot sun. Do not let freeze.
  7. Avoid using galvanized or rusty tanks.
  8. DO NOT mix any other chemicals or fertilizers with Soni-Grow!

3. Best Spraying Times

  • The best time to spray is early in the morning and/or early evening. It is also advantageous to spray while the dew is still present on the leaves. (Remember, the sound system increases moisture absorption).
  • Do not spray when temperature drops below 55 degrees or is above 90 degrees.
  • If it is too cold in the morning, then spray after 4:30 in the afternoon. If it is very hot all day, spray in the late evening or just before sunrise. Overcast, foggy or humid conditions can extend the spraying window beyond 10:00AM.
  • Never spray in the middle of the day in sunny or windy conditions.
  • Never combine other chemicals with Soni-Grow and never spray other chemicals when the Sound Unit is running.
4. Playing The Sound
  • Make sure the Sound Unit is advantageously placed so that you can audibly hear the sound while standing next to the target plants. Remember, if the plants are not in hearing range of the sound, it won’t be working on those plants.
  • It is best to run the Sound Unit daily, for 2-3 hours in the early morning and again for 2-3 hours in the early evening. Playing the Sound every day, even without spraying Soni-Grow, is beneficial to the plants. This will help plants absorb dew, carbon dioxide and nutrients from the air and soil.
  • You will only spray every 12-14 days [every 30 days for flowers and other sensitive plants, but the sound should be played every day, if possible.
  • Before spraying, run the Sound Unit at least 30 minutes.
  • When spraying Soni-Grow, leave the Sound Unit running.
  • After spraying leave the Sound Unit on for at least another 30 minutes
  • Because playing the sound increases the absorption of moisture, it is extremely beneficial to use the Sound Unit in drought conditions. In drought or very hot conditions, play the Sound Unit at night so as to take full advantage of the dew.
  • Do not run units for more than 6 hours in any 24-hour period, and not in hot temperatures above 90 Ãâ€Ã…¡Ãƒâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚°F (32Ãâ€Ã…¡Ãƒâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚°C)
CornNOTE: Never use any other chemicals while playing sound units. If you are due to apply a fungicide and a Soni-Grow spray, first apply Soni-Grow, followed by the chemical spray. Since Soni-Grow nutrients are frequency tuned to the Veges Sound Machine and audio tape, the use of any other foliar product is not recommended.

5. Soni-Grow Spray Program For Field Crops and General Use

  • For most healthy plants, spraying every 12 to 14 days is more than sufficient. Generally speaking, you do not want to spray more often than that, because you can over-stimulate a plant. (Remember, playing the sound, even when you haven’t sprayed is beneficial.)
  • Spray both sides of the leaves (where possible) until fully coated.
  • For Sick Plants or severe plant condition, spray 2 days in a row, and then every 7 days until condition improves. When condition improves go back to once every 12-14 days.
Specific Spray Program
For Beans
First Spray: 5th or 6th Leaf Stage
Second Spray: 1st Bud Stage
Third Spray: 1/3 -1/2 pod fill (this is the largest energy draw down in the growth period)
Spray every 2-3 weeks thereafter as possible
Specific Spray Program For Fruit And Nut Trees
To Get More Fruit and Nuts


First Spray: Pre-bloom
Second Spray: Petal tight (tight cluster)
Third Spray: Full Bloom
Fourth Spray: Between 35-45% petal fall
Fifth Spray: 2 weeks after the abortion stage
(fruit drop)
Sixth Spray: 3 weeks later
Seventh Spray: 3 weeks later
Additional spray times can be added in the weeks prior to harvest if increased size, quicker maturity, or higher brix levels are desired.
To get Larger Fruit / Nuts (Instead Of More Fruit/Nuts)
First Spray: Pre-bloom
Second Spray: Full bloom
Third Spray: 2 weeks after fruit drop stage
Fourth Spray: 3 weeks later
Fifth Spray: 3 weeks later
Sixth Spray: 3 weeks later
Seventh Spray: 3 weeks later
mixing, spraying and sound application instructions as above.
GrapeGrape Spray Program
This program is specifically good for grapes because it will provide for rapid vine development, earlier and higher production, higher brix levels and improved disease and frost protection.
  • To promote early growth and root establishment, Soni-Grow can be sprayed every 10 days, or three times per month at a dilution rate of 50:1.
  • Always make sure that there is adequate spray coverage of all leaf surfaces, top and bottom. If conditions are really dry, higher water rates are advised.
5 SPRAY PROGRAM (minimum)
First Spray: When shoots are 3 to 5 long
Second Spray: Pre bloom at tight petal stage
Third Spray: At full bloom
Fourth Spray: At approx. 40% petal fall
Fifth Spray: Approx. 3 weeks later
For additional size increase, brix level increases, induced maturity, additional sprays towards harvest time are strongly recommended.
Propagation with Soni-Grow

There are tremendous benefits to be derived from using SONI-GROW during this crucial germination period. They include:

  • Faster germination – There is a strong possibility of highly accelerated germination times with many different types of seeds. This can lead to earlier maturity and crop turnaround times.
  • Higher Strike Rates of Seeds and Cuttings- This is especially true with difficult to strike seeds and cuttings.
  • Hardier Seedlings and Cuttings- Hardier seedlings and cuttings can withstand difficult conditions and disease better.
  • When you treat seeds and cuttings with Soni-Grow, they produce plants that are more receptive to the Soni-Grow System much sooner.
  • Soak seeds in a solution of 1 part Soni-Grow nutrient to 50 parts water.
  • Seeds should be left to soak for 6 hours with Sound Unit running continuously.
  • Seeds should then be immediately planted. The solution the seeds have soaked in can then be used to water the seeds when planting.

Seed Treatment Alternatives

  1. If seed is required to be dry before planting with machine, seeds can be laid out on black plastic sheetingFruit and placed in the sun until dry.
  2. If seeds are very small, e.g., flower seeds, they can be planted into cell trays, watered with 1:50 mix solution of Soni-Grow Nutrient and the sound played daily.
  3. With large seed in broad acre situations: mix a 25:1 solution of Soni-Grow, pour or squirt a small amount of it into a half full sack of seeds. Then seed can be tipped/poured into empty sack. Repeat process and refill bags to original contents. In this way, seeds will be lightly damped with Soni-grow which should absorb into the seed by the time the treating is completed. Another method is to inject solution into top of bag with a hypodermic needle and then invert bag to let it trickle down across seed. Operate the Sound Unit for 6 hours close to seeds prior to use.

When mixing Soni-Grow nutrient with water for propagation, first pour the water into an empty container, then add the nutrient mix thoroughly.

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