Paint on a Thermal Barrier:

First paint a coat of silver Radiant Barrier and then cover that with the white ceramic paint.  You can tint the white ceramic paint with any color.

Save by using ThermaCells instead of Paint.  Select 1 or 5 gallons of Radiant Barrier and mix Thermacells with Paint you buy locally to make Ceramic Barrier Coating.

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Therma Guard is a simple, two part paint system designed to guard against heat loss. It insulates and protects your walls from vapor condensation, and it’s as simple as painting your walls.

The Radiant Barrier silver coating is applied first, then the ceramic paint tinted to your choice of colors is applied over the Radiant Barrier coating.

Together, this system locks in your heat where you want in, and keeps out damaging water condensation.

Part 1: Therma-Guard Silver Radiant Barrier Paint:

Therma-Guard Radiant Barrier Coating has two dynamic properties to keep your home warm and dry. It stops heat from entering or escaping.

It’s purpose is to prevent heat transfer – that is the transfer of heat from a hotter object to a cooler one, like a drink does when it melts ice cubes.

Our Radiant Barrier Coating contains pure aluminum pigment, which gives it a silver color and acts like that silver foil on the insulation batting, but instead of tacking or stapling it down in your attic, all you need to do with Therma-Guard Radiant Barrier Coating is paint it on.

The second dynamic property of our Radiant Barrier Coating is that it acts as a Vapor Barrier to reduce moisture accumulation and penetration. The warm air inside your house contains water vapor, which can pass into the insulation, causing significant loss of insulating value. Additionally, if that moisture gets into the building structure of your home, it can cause a lot of other unwanted problems, like growth of mold and fungus, peeling paint and even rot the wood.The Radiant Barrier Coating reduces the passage of water vapor, thereby reducing the potential for these associated problems.

If you live in a cold climate, the Radiant Barrier Coating would be placed on the warm or the live-in-side of the space to be insulated. This location prevents the moisture in the warm indoor air from penetrating to the insulation, or even to the wood structure of the house. If you live in a warm climate, you would use the Radiant Barrier Coating on the outside, keeping the heat out and the cool in.

Therma-Guard Radiant Barrier Coating is latex based, which means it is non-toxic and has no volatile or flammable solvents, unlike some other sprayable paints on the market. It’s also easy to cleanup.

It’s so simple to use, unlike foils, metalized plastic film or metalized chips – you just paint your walls. And, the best part is, it’s extremely cost efficient.

Step 2: Therma-Guard Ceramic Paint

Therma-Guard white paint contains ceramic properties, so when you paint your walls with Therma-Guard, you are actually insulating your walls.

Ceramics are used in every area of our life because they are strong, durable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and lightweight. They have been used in the medical industry, the electronics industry, the telecommunications industry and even in space. Ceramics have long been known for their insulating and heat reflecting properties. Even in biblical days, the peoples of the Middle East where the heat is damaging, knew to use ceramics to keep their items cool. For instance, a clay pot that has been fired will keep liquids cool if they are cool, and hot if they are hot. This is an example of a ceramic slowing down heat loss or heat transfer.

Therma-Guard helps keep your hard earned dollars in your house, instead of heating the great outdoors.

It’s like adding a layer of insulation, only without the hassle or expense.

Therma-Guard Ceramic Paint comes in basic white, so you can add any color pigment to it to design your home the way you want.

Therma-Guard is simple to apply as simple as painting your wall. The white component is a vinyl acrylic, which means it’s not only easy to cleanup after you paint, but it’s easy to keep it clean with just a wipe with a damp cloth. Because of it’s ceramic content, it’s tough and durable, so it will last for years. You can use it to paint your walls and ceilings. It contains an insulating ceramic that slows down heat loss and keeps the heat where you want it inside.

The Therma-Guard Paint System is the Perfect Solution For:

  • High Utility Bills
  • Uninsulated or poorly insulated homes
  • Uncomfortable Household Environments

Therma-Guard is:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Mildew and Ultraviolet Resistant
  • Easily Applied
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Provides extra protection from vapor damage to walls and wood structure
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply to duct work, pipes, barns storage buildings, animals shelters, attic space, underside?

Therma-Guard Testimonials

Hot Boiler Pipes in Maryland

I wanted to see how effective Therma Guard insulating ceramics really were so I put it on the boiler pipes (2 barrier & 3 coats white) and generated heat to it’s full potential. The temperature on the outside of the pipes was reduced by 45% !!! The reduction rate has reduced the boiler run time from 2 hours down to 20 minutes! I highly recommend Therm-A-Guard.
Jeff Maris
Owings Mills, MD

Condo in Michigan
I have a small, one bedroom condo in Southfield Michigan.? Last summer I got a $300 dollar power bill for this 1,000 sq ft condo!? After repainting the ceiling and walls (1 silver,2 coats tinted white ceramic), I noticed I only used 2/3 the amount of gas last winter as I did the year before. I’m anticipating a great improvement this summer as well. As an added bonus, I did not hear my neighbors near as much as before after using your products. Thanks
Duane Cowery, Southfield, Michigan

We Beat the Texas Heat !
AWESOME! That’s all I can say about Therma Guard products. I am building a new wood frame building here in Houston and decided to use Therma-Guard products.

We set-up temperature monitors inside the building so that we could compare before and after temps. Our first application was the spraying of the underside of the roof decking,. (barrier & 2 coats white) The interior temperature dropped a whopping 18 degrees !!! We sprayed the exterior walls with Therma Guard silver and tinted white and the interior temperature dropped another 7 degrees !
Lawrence Johnson,  Houston, TX

Here are some other satisfied Therma-Guard users:
Army Corp of Engineers
US Forestry Service
Federal Aviation Administration
Major industrial users
U.S. Government
N.Y. City Transportation Dept.
National Home Builders
And Home Owners Worldwide !

Buy Therma-Guard to save energy and money!

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

1 Gallon, 5 Gallons


Use ThermaCells, Use Paint


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