Illuminati - Eye of Horace

Will it take a Massive Electricity Demonstration End Technology Suppression?

In order to prevent revoluontionary technologies from being distributed, inventors have been bought off, threatened off, sued off, and killed.

For this reason Dennis Lee believed that a large scale demonstration of free electriicty in football stadiums would be needed before the public could have revolutionary technology such as one which would produce all the power needed at your home with neglible operating cost.

The suppression of revolutionary technologies such as free electricity might be as easily mitigated by your awareness.

How deep down the rabbit hole are you ready to go?

If you're trying to make sense of conventional "wisdom" and the orthodoxy, or you're laboring under belief that the official version of events has substance, then you're still "in the Matrix" and under the spell of mainstream media distortion and mind control.

The videos in our Public Awareness Kit empower you with knowledge so you can turn your attention to solutions.

If you can open your mind to the evidence you you're ready to "Free Your Mind".

With a Public Awareness Kit, you can break your chains. As more people become aware that the conventional media has been connected with the establishment and for that reason it's rare that anything appears on the media that might expand freedom though self-sufficiency.

Still it is inevitable that we will eventually have these technologies.

A Public Awareness Kit can Help

We can restore freedom, and our birth rights by eliminating the political excuse being used to confiscate working free electricity technology. 

If you've seen the Matrix Trilogy then you'll relate to the phrase "The Matrix Has You". Getting a Public Awareness Kit can start you on the road to a new awareness of what is possible so it's like taking the Red Pill.

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