Illuminati - Eye of Horace

Why is such a large scale demonstration necessary?

Using a spell of manipulation and fear, the iilluminati cabal has been able to sustain a measure of control over technology... Inventors who can bring freeing technologies have been bought off, threatened off, sued off, and even killed to prevent their technologies from coming to market, especially technologies that would give you more financial freedom and independence. The media is controlled by the same cabal. Television news has been a mind control medium. for the elite literally to "program" the masses.


The good news is that, even though there are people who've been thwarting the release of beneficial technologies, your awareness of viable technologies can turn the tide and our birth right to these technologies can be restored.

How deep down the rabbit hole are you ready to go?

If you're trying to make sense of conventional "wisdom" and the orthodoxy, or you're laboring under belief that the official version of events has substance, then you're still "in the Matrix" and under the spell of mainstream media distortion and mind control.

The videos in our Public Awareness Kit empower you with knowledge so you can turn your attention to solutions. You'll learn that "911" was an inside job and see evidence that proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. if you can open your mind to the evidence you can then "Free Your Mind" since Fear is the Mind Killer.

With a Public Awareness Kit, you'll discover the similarity of our world and that depicted in the movie "The Matrix". Also the story "1984" and "Brave New World" offer stark similarities to the programmed reality offered by what has been the mainstream.

Thankfully the illusions produced by these elitists to mislead the mass public are now cracking and bursting.  Many people have become aware that the conventional media has been connected with the establishment and it's rare that anything appears on the media that might expand freedom though self-sufficiency, but it can be done anyway and inevitably it will.

How Can We Restore our Birth Right to technologies?

Awareness of technology is a big part of making it happenso get our PAK, packed with several additional DVDs that will empower you with knowledge!

How can technology help us revive freedom and restore the Constitution?

Energy systems and food systems means abundance, and as David Icke put it so well:


How Will Public Awareness of Revolutionary Technology Help?

We can restore freedom, and our birth rights by eliminating the political excuse being used to confiscate working free electricity technology. 

If you've seen the movie you'll appreciate the phrase "The Matrix Has You" - so get a PAK:

Order Public Awareness Kit Here


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