Magnetic Laundry System
Never Buy Laundry Soap Again
Magnetic Laundry System

Soni-Grow Home and Garden Kit

Use sound and organic nutrients to dramatically increase plant growth, vitality and pest resistance

It's a clean kill for insect pests using this non-toxic organic powder that's beneficial to humans and pets

Fire Barrier
Non-toxic Fire Retardant, out- performs toxic varieties
Fire Barrier

Power Controller
Save energy and extend motor life
Power Controller

Hydroweed Absorbent
Amazing oil absorbent rejects water

Use this amazing Paint-on-Insulation to block thermal transfer far more effectively than bat insulation

Magnetic Laundry System
Never Buy Laundry Soap Again!

Non polluting
Softens hard water
Will not damage fabrics

Color safe
No static cling
Lifetime warranty
No chemical residues
Cleaner, longer lasting clothes

Detergent Free


Non-Toxic Bug Killer!
Eliminate insect pests without using poison!
Tiny barbs poke through the Insect's exoskeleton


Grow Plants Better and Faster!

With the sounds of nature and organic nutrients you'll get greater yields, better plant vitality
and natural pest resistance


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Links and information on the Auto-Tech page linked above do not reflect this website's position - particularly in the area related to hydrogen power. We know that water has been and can be used as fuel which would be far more economically feasable than is indicated on some of the links on the page above. The link provides grist for the mill and is provided here as counter point.