The Day Will Come

When the following will be as commonplace as it is now to fly or talk on the phone:

  • Free Electricity: Can be produced using Magnets or in other ways, any of which would eliminate the use of oil or coal etc.  Interestingly however oil and coal are also unlimited resources since they're produced far faster than we can use them but since oil must be processed and delivered it has a cost and so is a commodity.

  • Ram Jet Tornado Engine: Starts with a tablespoon of gasoline, runs on the water moisture in the air, weighs 174 pounds and produces 5000 horsepower. It could power planes and trains or it could turn an 8 foot square "Sundance Generator" producing 500,000 Watts of Electricity virtually for free!

  • Laser Camera: Harmlessly sees into the body offering a far safer alternative to harmful X-Rays in use today

  • Plastic Homes: Zero out gassing and insulation so effective that you can heat your plastic home with a match

As more of these revolutionary technologies are discovered and as more people imagine how their lives would be better if we had them, our interest and focus will naturally bring them about.

See my You Tube channel for some videos that can start you thinking about the possibility of having these technologies yourself. In particular see our "Research Projects" video.

If you prefer a more tangible way to view these videos, then get our "Public Awareness Kit" which contains these videos on DVD along with some additional eye-opening extras. The Revolutionary Items to the left and right are available NOW!

Auto Tech

Links and information on the Auto-Tech sponsored page linked above do not reflect this web site's position - particularly in the area related to hydrogen power. Since water used as fuel is far more desirable than what is described at some of associated page links, so it serves as counter point.

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