Aspartame in Children's Vitamins

A warning by Kathleen Fairchild

I am finding that even among the most informed regarding the health hazards of aspartame, the following is a little known fact:

Have you checked the ingredients of chewable vitamins, both adult and children's.

The following is a brief account of my personal experience and horrifying discovery.

Starting in 1991 I learned of the health hazards of aspartame, because I had been consuming NutraSweet on a regular basis, and was having increasing excruciating monthly periods, eventually becoming bed-ridden 3 days at a time, every month or more.

I took myself off NutraSweet, and slowly but surely, my monthly periods got much better, and I began feeling better overall.

 I avoided aspartame as if it was poison - which it is!

Years later in 2001, I became pregnant with my second child and began taking large doses of chewable vitamin C, since I was preparing to have a scheduled C-Section delivery.

3 months after delivery, I began experiencing very similar symptoms like those I had had years earlier, with my period, and during my ovulations.

One day, I happened to glance through the ingredients of my vitamin C, and imagine my anger when I saw the word Aspartame in my vitamins!

I then checked the ingredients in all vitamins and was absolutely infuriated and horrified to learn that nearly all children's vitamins found in supermarkets, and grocery stores have Aspartame in them!  All varieties of the Flintstone's chewables have this poison!

Please get the word out! As a mother of three young children, I feel it's important to spread the word of warning to as many people as possible.

Thanks for your help!
Sincerely, Kathleen Fairchild

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