The more you discover about government corruption and deceit, the more you may want to extricate yourself from the associated system – especially to protect your kids from becoming enslaved by that system.

If your children have no SSN how could they ever declare their “income” on a 1040 form to the government?

No matter what you do – be sure that you avoid the administration of vaccinations to your child. Make arrangements in advance where your wish to avoid the introduction of poisonous vaccinations is respected.

For more on the brain damage inflicted by vaccinations Click Here.

If you can’t avoid a hospital delivery, you should be able to avoid getting an SSN or birth certificate. Refuse to sign their paperwork, and do not give the baby’s name to the hospital, since they can’t assign an SSN (Slave Surveillance Number) or birth certificate to an UN-named child and even if they try whatever they do in that regard will be useless.  To be sure there will be an attempt to manipulate you into subjugating your child into slavery with the Birth Certificate and SSN.

Don’t sign anything at the hospital that has anything to do with notification to the state, government or the social security administration of the “birth”. You may have to sign two things in the Hospital only. One would be permission to assist in the delivery and you should read that one long and hard before signing. The other would be the credit card receipt. Nothing else.

For the passport, you may want to create your own affidavit of live birth, or you can send me a message asking for a sample of the affidavit we used so you can use it to as a template for your own.

Next you’ll want to go to your county courthouse and have your signed and notarized affidavit recorded.

In order to get your child’s passport you’ll need to prove that your child does not have a state issued birth certificate and is therefore not a ward of the state.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a “statement of no found record” from

the state department specifying the baby’s name. The “Department of Health and Human Resources” keeps records of birth certificates in their domain. It’s through the same process that a request is made for a certified birth certificate, that you can get a certification that no birth record exists. You should make it clear in the request that you know that no birth record exists but that you need a certification of this.

It’s this certificate that is the key to getting a passport since the passport agency will need to have proof that your child is not indentured to them through an existing birth certificate in order for them to issue a passport when no SSN (slave surveillance number) or birth certificate (certificate of enslavement) is provided. On your passport application you’ll substitute a certified recording of your “affidavit of embodiment” (birth) record and the “certificate of no found record” from the state department. In order to finally get the passport I followed up with a few phone calls and demanded that my public servants do their job since we have a right to travel and by delay they were hindering that right.

This should create the status of “American National”, though won’t say it on the passport. If you look up the word citizen you’ll discover it means subject and a “united states citizen” is a “subject” of the UNITED STATES (corporation).

Note too: It’s called a “Birth Canal”, and a “Berth” is a place for a boat to be tied up while it sits in the water. These are terms related to their maritime admiralty products connected with a “Birth Certificate”. Knowing how to navigate in the waters of maritime law can help you and your child enjoy the freedom that is available to all of us if we only act as free people. Take control of your own life by empowering yourself with knowledge. See also my Links Page