Sugar is a basic element found in starchy food. Sugar cane contains 14% trace elements, minerals and vitamins, plus chlorophyll. The sugar we purchase in the supermarket for personal consumption is heated up in chalk-milk, so that calcium and protein are extracted.

It initially becomes an alkaloid, thus destroying all vitamin content. In the second phase, the sugar is mixed with acid chalk, carbonic gas, sulphur dioxide and finally, with natrium bicarbonate.

This mixture is cooked and cooled off several times, and thereafter crystallized and centrifugalized.

This dead mass is then treated with strontium hydroxide. Subsequently, it arrives at the refinery where it is passed over chalk carbon acid to clean it.

Dark coloring is removed by adding sulphuric acid and then it is filtered with bone charcoal. Finally, it is colored with Indathrenblue, or the highly toxic Ultramarine.

This product”s chemical composition is C12 H22 O11, which you can buy in shops as “pure cane” sugar, sugar cubes, candy, etc.

All of its life-giving and protective forces have been destroyed, and this product called sugar has an atomic density of 98.4 to 99.5 %.

density falls under the category of poison. This industrial sugar irritates the mucous membranes, tissues, glands, blood vessels and intestinal tracts of the persons who eat it. White sugar also paralyzes the intestinal peristaltic functions and leads to immune system failure. White sugar also destroys brain cells and elevates the internal temperature of the body.

Tooth tissue has a tissue pressure of 7 Atmospheres. Industrial sugar increases this osmotic pressure to 34 Atmospheres.

Tooth enamel
is the hardest substance in human beings, together with bones. We have found teeth that have been on the earth for 100,000 years and still intact despite heat and cold, rain, snow, bacteria, etc. However, white sugar is capable of destroying tooth enamel within hours, penetrating the structure of the tooth-tissue like a nail and breaking it down.

Some Clinton MD dental professionals may say that it is actually the acid from sugar that causes tooth decay, but either way the combination of too much sugar and poor dental hygiene will definitely ruin your teeth.

What Nature could not do since the beginning of time, mankind has achieved in no time at all. He is the only being that destroys the nutrient value of his food before consumption.

Here follows an interesting study from Denmark, where death due to diabetes for 100,000 members of the population and the use of sugar consumption per year per person are displayed.

Year Deaths Sugar Intake
Per Person / Year
1880 1.8 13.5 kg.
1911 8.0 37.6 kg.
1934 19.1 51.3 kg.
1955 34.3 74.7 kg.
1975 78.6 81.8 kg.

In the USA, the population receives up to 25% of their calories from sugar. In the year 1870, diabetes was almost unknown. In 1880, the sugar and sweets intake were 18 kg; in 1927, 70 kg; in 1950, 101 kg per person/year. Nevertheless to date, the cancer hospitals and children’s hospitals feed patients with ‘denatured’ food, conserves, white sugar, white flour, etc. trying their best to feed the cancer and other illnesses of their patients.

Health can only come when we take responsibility for our own body, mind, soul and the environment. Faith without action is dead, the same as food without life-force is dead.

The Relationship Between Sugar and Brain Power

It is common knowledge that sugar (meaning natural sugar) is the principal food for the brain. Now, what can we learn from sugar, as it is consumed on an everyday basis?

There is a saying that our so-called civilized population does not use its intelligence! How can we prove whether this is true or not?

The German department of education has the statistics for their country. Between 1890 and 1940, they have observed a loss of intelligence of 10 %. This means a diminution of the general ability down to one sixth, a diminution of the talented to one-half.

In contrast, the amount of mentally-slow persons has tripled. The mentally-retarded increased four times, and there are thirty times more half-idiots than during the time of the Renaissance. The loss of one’s intelligence is equivalent to a death sentence.

For our great-great grandparents, it must appear that today’s so-called intelligent man is rather a dull person. In these times, our genius is hardly ever challenged.

Creative acts are performed by a minority with creative power. What originally made humans human was the creative force within.

We can see it in any political arena, how weak and uncertain the decisions are; or in science, how a repaired instrument just gets worse after it returns from the repair-shop.

The problems have increased with the consumption of industrial sugar and white starch. The brain was originally stimulated and fed by natural fruit-sugars. This has given the brain its stability and structural thinking patterns.

Fruits coming mostly from mono-cultures, soaked in pesticides and environmental toxins, are far from being a good brain-food. The consumption of dead sugar is increasing astronomically.
The brain collapses and acts crazy and unreasonable because of the influence of white sugar. This contributes also to family problems – including violence.

In the United States in 1970, there were 40 million people who sought medical help because of emotional disturbances.

Half of the United States is suffering knowingly from one or another mental disturbances and the outbreak of violence. In large towns like London, there are 30 idiots for every 1000 citizens.

We can observe that the performance in schools shrinks from year to year. Now there are already first-graders using the help of teachers at home. The German educational department mentions in 1978, that in Hamburg, of 2000 children of the age of six, 55% suffer from important emotional disturbances, 20% have anorexia, and another 20% have sleeping problems.

Out of all foods, sugar is certainly the No 1 killer. Starch, which is certainly consumed in no less quantity than sugar in the civilized world, is another great contributor for our public mess and loss of intelligence.

Intelligence and feeling are very closely linked. It is not surprising that in our time there are so many people suffering from violent emotional pain. The brain is the commander of everything. When we destroy the brain, we basically destroy humanity, which depends upon brain-power at all times.

It is astonishing where you can find sugar already in today’s food. Even in fish conserves, you can find among the ingredients the presence of industrial sugar. Any other substance with the same atomic density is called poison and cannot be obtained without a medical prescription and then only a few grams of it. Poisons are sometimes prescribed in order to
cure an illness. However, the purpose of Sugar is to destroy humanity, together with its dignity and creative power. It is one of the most sinister products ever made to be legally sold as food.

Article by: M.A. Shelley-Smith, Queensland, AUSTRALIA