The “Slave Surveillance Number” (SSN) is used to track financial movements, and more, but it may be possible for you to get a bank account without an SSN. 

C. Burkholder of Harrisburg Virginia wrote the following:
We have had numerous questions about opening a bank account with out the use of a Social Security Number.  One client found this information to be useful…

“When the bank asked for a SSN to open the new bank account, I informed them that I didn’t have one.

They flatly refused and said that without a SSN, they absolutely COULD NOT open an account of any kind. I then proceeded to convince them that they were in the wrong:

1. I informed them that I had terminated my SSN legally in accordance with 20 CFR 3 A7 404.1905 and

2. I informed them that the bank could not be held legally responsible by anyone for failing to obtain a SSN from me pursuant to 31 CFR 103.34(a)(1) and

3. I informed them that under the Internal Revenue Code Section 6041, that they were not even required to provide any taxpayer identification numbers on the Form 1099 that they file with the IRS at the end of the year, and

4. I informed them that pursuant to 26 CFR 301.6109-1© that they were under no legal obligation to obtain a SSN from me, and

5. I informed them that 42 USC 408 makes it a FELONY to use threat, duress, or coercion to try to force a person by fear or deceit to provide his SSN in an unlawful manner. After a brief meeting with the banks controller and legal counsel, I received a phone call stating that I would be allowed to open
a checking account.”

— C. Burkholder of Harrisburg, Virginia

I have friends who were successful obtaining bank accounts with no Slave Surveillance Number (SSN). One friend just walked in and demanded compliance with section 1 of public law 93-579 also known as the Privacy Act of 1974, and Title 5 of U.S. Code Annotated 552 (a), also known as the Privacy Act.

He warned the bank representative that if she interfered with him getting a bank account on the basis of him not providing an SSN, that she would have to account for the reason in court, and told her his brother was a lawyer. She complied and he has the account today.

Another friend also succeeded in getting a bank account with no slave number and wrote the following:

I am aware of a number of folks who have used a simple one page trust and opened a bank account in the name of the trust.

The trust is fully compliant with the laws of the State of Indiana but it is not formed under those laws – it is a trust formed under the common law but it is not what is normally thought of as a common law trust.

He writes:

When I established a bank account for a trust, I did not show any part of the trust to the bank.  I walked into the bank and asked for a form to open a non-interest bearing account for a trust (NOT a trust account).

I completed it and gave it to the lady. She asked for an SSN or an EIN and I said that I did not know if one existed (that is the TRUTH), but I would be happy to bring it in next time I came to the bank if I could find it.

I said nothing more and handed her federal reserve notes to open the account. Each month we get a notation on the statement asking for a SSN. After about 90 days we got a letter (addressed to the trust, of course) telling us the account would be closed if we did not submit a number.

We did nothing and that was over two years ago. I understand that you may have to go to several banks in order to get this done and several branches of the same bank (I cannot open such an account at one branch of BankOne).

I did have an advantage, in that I knew some of the people in the bank, and they know that I’m an advocate of constitutional government, etc.

Be certain to look at the trust laws of your state to determine if the trust would be legal. Remember, your trust can be formed pursuant to or in compliance with the laws, but should not be formed under the laws of your state.

Remember that, like a number of other things, the success one has may be random. I think the two most likely persons to be able to open an account without hassles are:
A tall, white, man with no facial hair between 30 and 55 wearing a conservative suit, carrying a briefcase and acting like he knows what he is doing…

A conservatively dressed white woman between 40 and 65 who is non-threatening but has the look of a stern school teacher.

Open the account with cash or with a bank check made out to the bank in which you wish to open the account with the payor as the name of the entity for whom you wish to open the account.

Make the name innocuous or make it sound like a law firm or a trust (but DO NOT open a trust account).

It should be a checking account, not a savings account since by definition a savings account incurs fees and is probably interest bearing.

The trust agreement generally will prohibit you from disclosing any terms of the trust or the beneficiaries. You may, however, be issued an affidavit of trust which identifies you as the trustee (or manager) and authorizes you to open a bank account.

It is very important to know the trust laws of your state.  Indiana is a very good place for trusts as the laws are quite plain and well-written. A party dealing with the trustee is not required to investigate regarding the powers of the trustee in order to rely on the representations of the trustee.

Regardless of the type or nomenclature of the trust, it must be ‘legal’ in the state in which it operates. Good luck.

A third friend simply warned the bank representative, that if the slave number wasn’t removed from his account he would be withdrawing his substantial sum and closing the account.  Surprisingly they complied.

A third friend had the SSN removed from his bank account. He had significant deposits in the bank and simply told the bank that they should remove the SSN from his account or he would be withdrawing the entire amount. He said they did comply, and however dubious we may all be that they actually eradicated the number from all paperwork and records, still they said they were willing to do it, and that was a victory.