For Disease and Stupefaction

Know these facts:
Fluoride is the ionic, or electrically charged form of the element fluorine. It is extremely reactive and strongly attaches itself to other elements, making them hard and brittle. Approximately 70% of our public drinking water is fluoridated. Our health officials have maintained that low doses of fluoride are safe and good for children’s teeth. However, hundreds of independent studies and recently declassified government documents prove otherwise.

On July
2, 1997, the National Federation of Federal Employees, Local 2050, which represents scientists, engineers and other professionals at the headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., stated: “Our members’ review of the body of evidence over the last eleven years, indicates a casual link between fluoride/fluoridation and cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment, and bone pathology. Of particular concern are recent epidemiology studies linking fluoride exposure to lower I.Q. in children.”

According to The Lancet, a leading medical journal from England, sodium fluoride inhibits or destroys the crucial neurotransmitter Acelylcholine, which is imperative for the process of learning and memory. Scientist Phyllis Mullenix, while doing research for the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston, found similar evidence. She proved that low doses of fluoride accumulate in the brain tissue, and that the severity of the effects depend on the age of those exposed. The younger were more vulnerable.

Epidemiological evidence from China also confirms a correlation between low-dose fluoride exposure and diminished I.Q. in children.

In New Zealand, Dr. John Colquhoun, chief dental officer of Auckland, examined the dental records of all schoolchildren from 1980 to 1990 in order to support his objective of fluoridating the entire country. To his surprise and concern, he discovered errors in the study design, some fabrication of statistics, and no advantage at all from the fluoridation. He subsequently reversed his opinion about fluoride.

Similarly, in Canada, British Columbia’s director of dentistry discovered that the records of schoolchildren from fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas suggested that there was no benefit in fluoridation. Although fluoride hardens the outside of the tooth, it is notorious for decaying the tooth from the inside out and discoloring the enamel (fluorosis). Statistics over the years have shown that communities that had their water fluoridated have experienced a considerable rise in the number of dentists for an equal number of people.

Dr. Hardy Limeback, head of the Department of Preventive Dentistry for the University of Toronto and Canada’s leading fluoride research authority, has apologized for erroneously promoting fluoride.”Tragically, we are not just dumping toxic fluoride into our drinking water, we are also exposing unsuspecting people to deadly elements: lead, arsenic and radium, all of them carcinogenic. Because of the accumulative properties of these toxins, the detrimental effects on the human health are catastrophic.

For the past 15 years I had refused to study the toxicology information that is readily available to anyone. Poisoning our children was the furthest thing on my mind.” At least 12 Nobel Prize winners in Medicine and Chemistry have also warned of fluoride associated health risks. But the aftermath of fluoridation is not confined to cognitive and dental problems. Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic fluoride poisoning. It shows in the smiles of about 8 million children.

On the more serious side, approximately 35,000 die each year from fluoride related diseases, which includes about 10,000 fluoride induced cancer deaths. Fluoride exposure has been linked to the following disorders: tremors, stomach pain, headaches, depression, lethargy, osteoporosis, shallow breathing, arthritis, skin disorders, obesity, bone malformation, skeletal fluorosis, increased hip fractures, weakness, cognitive depreciation in children and adults, loss of appetite, watery eyes, constipation, excessive colds, pain in neck and shoulders, sinusitis, kidney and bladder problems, depressed thyroid activity, weakened immunity, diminished reproductive capabilities, genetic damage, increased infant mortality, premature aging, etc.

A toxic industrial waste product is being disposed of profitably at the cost of a compromised health to most Americans. And isn’t poor public health a very profitable situation for the disease merchants and their well paid henchmen? Virtually all European countries have banned water fluoridation. Only England and Ireland use it on a larger scale.

During WW II, German scientists discovered that prisoners of war became more docile and obedient when trace amounts of sodium fluoride was put into their drinking water. Apparently, this poison selectively lulls the portion of the brain that does the independent thinking and tends to resist injustice. Soon the Russians were also treating the drinking water of their prisoners of war with fluoride. Today, most of the water supply in the U.S. is treated with sodium fluoride, and – as planned the results are similar.

Medical and scientific “peer reviewed” journals have routinely suppressed the publication of articles and research opposing fluoridation. Many dentists and doctors and many good citizens believe and blindly trust the promoters of fluoride, and thus become promoters themselves. If your city water is fluoridated, work to have this lethal poison removed from your water supply; and in the meantime, don’t drink it. Buy a reliable brand of bottled water. Fluoride is not easily removed by water filters. 

Also, do not use fluoride pills or fluoridated tooth paste. The total fluoride in one tube is so lethal, if ingested by a child, could result in death. Warning labels to that effect are on fluoride toothpaste labels.

Official promotion of this toxin is one of the most shameless rackets in history of mankind, replete with fraud, exploitation and coercion.

Dr. Paul Connett, a Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, has studied the adverse health effects of water fluoridation for almost 10 years. Fluoride proponents are dodging any debate with him. He is now trying to inform and educate the American people. As part of his crusade he wants to force a Congressional hearing on fluoridation. But that takes considerable leverage and a lot of signatures on his Online petition. If you want to support Dr. Connett by signing this important petition, visit: Suggested reading:

Fluoride the Aging Factor by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis (order #575-001). Advises how to avoid intake and how to stop the gruesome addition of fluoride to our water supply. Available for $18 (includes S/H) from: CPA Book Publishers, P.O.Box 596, Boring, OR 97009. Fax: 503-668-8614.




Mind Control of the Masses

By Ian E. Stephens
From an article in Nexus Magazine August/September 95

Despite damning evidence on fluoride toxicity, bureaucracies and multinationals continue to pollute our drinking water and mess with our physical and mental health

Extracted with permission from his 1987 self-published booklet The Dickinson Statement:
A Mind-Bogging Thesis

Part 1

This story has a beginning, it has a middle but it has no ending. The  ‘ending’ will undoubtedly be written in countless hospital records, on tiny  gravestones, in the bones of the crippled and on the hearts of the bereaved.  Even so, the true cause of the ‘ending’ will never be advertised. One record  that slipped past the establishment net is duplicated herein but, believe it or  not, the existence of this ‘death certificate’ has been denied, in writing and  to overseas scientific inquiry, by Australian administrators.

What follows is but a fractional part of the ‘middle’ of a story that began  before the turn of the century and which was provoked by a statement contained  in an “Address in Reply to the Governor’s Speech to Parliament”, as recorded in  Victorian Hansard of 12 August 1987, by Mr. Harley Rivers Dickinson, Liberal  Party Member of the Victorian Parliament for South Barwon. Hence the title.

The relevant Hansard abstract is reproduced herewith. It is emphasized that  the writer imputes Mr. Dickinson with no other responsibility for the contents of  this thesis than being the parliamentary ‘trigger’ which motivated it and the  researched data which it contains.

At the end of the Second World War, the United States Government sent  Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology  and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farben chemical plants in Germany.

“While there he was told by German chemists of a scheme which had been  worked out by them during the war and adopted by the German General Staff.

“This was to control the population in any given  area through mass medication of drinking water. In this scheme, sodium fluoride  occupied a prominent place.

“Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time  reduce an individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and  narcotizing a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the  will of those who wish to govern him. “Both the Germans and the Russians added  sodium fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid  and docile.

In a book written by Dr Hans Moolenburgh of Haarlem, Holland, called Fluoride  – The Freedom Fight, the author describes the ultimately successful endeavors  to free the Dutch people from water fluoridation. (Those endeavors included the only properly conducted double-blind study ever done  anywhere in the world into the effects of tap water [1 p.p.m.].)

One brief passage is headed “Perkins”, and a reproduction of that section  gives sufficient confirmation, by a remote and independent source, of the  “Dickenson Statement” as printed in Hansard, to reinforce the need for  additional investigation into this one ‘behavior control’ aspect of the  ‘fluoride debate’ and relate it to 1987. (The entire “Perkins” paragraph is  reproduced below.)

Elsewhere in this book, Dr Moolenburgh also relates how that first “Perkins”  anecdote was confirmed in differing ways and from reliable independent sources.


When 1971 was drawing to a close, I received a paper containing a  strange story. This story was to haunt us repeatedly throughout the long,  drawn-out battle. It was a story resembling science fiction – bizarre and  unbelievable. There are those who warned me not to even mention this story, and  I can appreciate why. On the other hand, the task of an historian is not to  relate things as they should have happened, but as they actually did happen.

“…The Perkins saga was different from other fluoride stories.

“The story of industries hoodwinking the public into buying a pollutant  as a medicine is simply ‘whodunnit’. Grotesque though it may sound, it is no  more that ‘the consumer fraud of this polluted century’ (as described in Fluoridation and Truth Decay by Gladys Caldwell). But the story I now read was different: it gave one  the cold shivers. It told of a chemical engineer, Mr. Perkins, who related how  immediately after the Second World War he was one the Americans put into the  well-known I.G.Farben Company in Germany. There he  discovered that I.G.Farben had developed plans during the war to fluoridate the  occupied countries, because it had been found that fluoridation caused slight damage to specific parts of the brain. This damage had a very particular  effect. It mad it more difficult for the person affected to defend his freedom.  He became more docile towards authority.

“Scientists in the camps of both opponents and proponents of fluoride  have always dismissed this story as mere poppycock, but it had a life of its own  and reared its head time and again. It fed the suspicions of many people that  ‘there was more to fluoridation than meets the eye’.

“As far as I know, there is no one who has done any serious research  into whether the fluoridated person is really more docile, easier to rule, more  impressed by authority than the non-fluoridated one. There is, though, one  peculiar thing: every Dutch doctor has a medical reference book for 1984. One of  the chapters is entitled “Tranquillizers”. Looking at the “minor  Tranquillizers”  I find twenty-four substances: their chemical formula do not show any  connection with fluoride. However, there is also a heading ,  “major Tranquillizers”. Of those there are twenty-seven, and seven of them are a  fluoride compound. One of these is Semap. It is one of the strongest  anti-psychotic substances we know. This means that twenty-five per cent of the  major Tranquillizers are connected with fluoride. I do not draw any conclusions.  The only thing one can say at this point is, with Alice: ‘curiouser and  curiouser!'”


Actually there is little that is novel in the concept of controlling the  minds and manners of the multitude by chemical/dietary means. That it was  practised by Hitler’s regime is made the more credible when we know that as far  back as 1938 the US Government, and ally to boot, and the government of a  democratic Christian country, was considering the transformation of American  citizens and others into ‘zombies’ by a number of proposed techniques. The US  Army searched for “the perfect incapacitating agent”, according to General  Fellenz, “to put in the enemy’s water supply”. Included in the drugs tested were  the hallucinogenic LSD and the amnesiac BZ (10 times more potent than LSD), and  a “schizophrenic agent called bulbocapine”.

The “Rockefeller Report” to the United States President on CIA activities  said: “The drug program was part of a much larger CIA program to study possible  means of controlling human behavior”.

One drug which received special attention in the ‘fifties and early ‘sixties,  under the cryptonym of MK-ULTRA, was suxamethonium chloride (listed under a  number of product names including Anectine), a halogenated anti-cholinergic  agent with all the symptomatic side-effects up to and including cardiac arrest  ascribed to these agents in the medical literature.

Please retain the term “anti-cholinergic agent” in mind , for owing to the  health implications attendant on this particular anti-metabolic activity, it  figures repeatedly in this thesis.

Note: An adviser to the US Government on hypnotism or psychological behavior  control, Dr George Estabrooks, later became Chairman, Department of Psychology,  Colgate University. Internationally, Colgate was and remains the most ardent  producer and advocate for the fluorination of a domestic product – fluoridated  toothpaste.

Now, should the reader’s mind be already boggled to the point of disbelief,  there are two facts which, if known about and/or remembered, may instill  sufficient confidence in that which is even more ‘boggling’ and is yet to come.

Bromine (or bromide) tea was administered to the enlisted men during the  First and second World Wars.

The halogen (bromine) ingredients was said to quell the libido of the men and  thus limit likely forays into the ‘dens of iniquity’ and the acquisition of  venereal disease.

The second fact is that, today, all Australian military establishments  provide their own halogenated (fluoridated) water for the troops resident  therein, for the official reason that the element is good for developing teeth.

Either we have a very immature military force, all under that of twelve years  when the mythical effect of fluoride ceases to exist, or else there is another  more obscure, less altruistic reason for this drug ‘treatment’ of the troops.

Later on in this text we will recall certain happenings relative to  ex-trainees from those establishments and the paradoxical effects of fluorides  on behaviour of the human being.


The Parliamentary “Dickenson Statement” refers to “the vast Farben chemical  plants in Germany”.

It has been said by Anthony C. Sutton in his book, Wall Street and the Rise  of Hitler: “Without the capital supplied by Wall Street, there would have been  no I. G. Farben in the first place, and almost certainly no Adolph Hitler and  World War II.”

Interssen Gemeinschaft Farben (Interessen Gemeinschaft der Deutschen  Teerfarbeninduistrie, or, simply, I.G. Farben) was a German chemical  manufacturing concern that supplied the chlorine gas used by Germany during the  First World War, but the eventual creation of the huge I.G.Farben cartel began  in 1924 when American bankers began to arrange foreign loans in what Professor  Carroll Quigley terms “the Dawes Plan”, “largely a J.P. Morgan production”/

In 1928 Henry Ford merged his German assets with I.G. Farben, to be followed  by the American Standard Oil Company (the Rockefellers) who, in concert with  I.G.Farben, developed the coal-to-oil hydrogenation process.

In a letter to Roosevelt from Berlin in the early ‘thirties, the US  Ambassador in Germany, William Dodd, said:

At the present moment, more than a hundred American corporations have  subsidiaries here or cooperative understandings.

“The DuPonts have their allies in Germany that are aiding in the  armament business. Their chief ally is the I.G. Farben Company, a part of the  government which gives 200,000 marks a year to one propaganda organization  operating on American opinion.

“Standard Oil Company … sent US$500,000 a year helping Germans make  ersatz [a substitute] gas [the hydrogenation process of converting coal to  gasoline] for war purposes; but Standard Oil cannot take any of its earnings out  of the country except in goods.

“The International Harvester Company president told me their business  here rose 33% a year [arms manufacture, I believe], they could take nothing out.

“Even our airplanes people have secret arrangements with Krupps.

“General Motors Company and Ford do enormous business here through  their subsidiaries and take no profits out.”

The I.G. Farben assets in America were controlled by a holding company,  American I.G. Farben, which listed on its Board of Directors: Edsel Ford,  President of the Ford Motor Company; Chas. E. Mitchell, President of  Rockefeller’s National City Bank of New York; Walter Teagle, President of  Standard Oil of New York; Paul Warburg, Chairman of the Federal Reserve and  brother of Max Warburg, financier of Germany’s war effort; and Herman Metz, a  Director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs.

It is an interesting fact of history that three other members of the Board of  American I.G. Farben were tried and convicted as German “war criminals” for  their “crimes against humanity” during World War II, while serving on the I.G.  Farben Board of Governors. None of the Americans who sat on the same board as  those convicted was ever tried as a “war criminal”.

Throughout the entire second World War conflict, not one bomb fell on the I.G.  Farben headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, allegedly as a consequence of Allied  orders.

In 1938, I.G. Farben borrowed 500 tons of tetra-ethyl lead, the gasoline  additive, from Standard Oil.

During 1939, the year Germany invaded Austria and Poland, the Standard Oil  Company of New Jersey loaned I.G. Farben US$20,000,000 worth of high-grade  gasoline.

In 1939 the American Aluminum Company (Alcoa), then probably the world’s  largest producer of sodium fluoride, transferred its technology to Germany (the  Alted Agreement). The Dow Chemical Company transmitted its experience and  technology in that same period.

Germany’s two largest tank manufacturers were Opel, a subsidiary of General  Motors (J.P. Morgan), and the German subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company.

Even with the purchase of oil from non-German sources, the major supplier of  oil was still the Farben cartel. The I.G. Farben cartel a monopoly on German  gasoline production. Just under one half of the Germans’ high-octane gasoline in  1945 was produced directly by I.G. Farben, and most of the balance by its  affiliated companies.

So, in 1941 when cylinders of Zyklon B, the deadly cyanide-based  extermination gas made by I.G. Farben, were lethally unvalved on inmates of  Auschwitz, Bitterfeld, Walfen, Hoechst, Agfa, Ludwigshafen and Buchenwald, there  were more than substantial links between huge American technology and German  manufacturers.

Two questions must be asked here: (a) Was I.G. Farben associated with the  formulation of Sarin and/or Soman, the German-developed fluorinated nerve gases  that made Zyklon B little more than an underarm deodorant by comparison?; and  (b) What of I.G. Farben today?

The answer to (a) is an unequivocal yes! As for (b), I.G. Farben signed  cartel agreements with such companies as Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI),  Borden , Carnation, General Mill, M.W. Kellogg Co., Nestl� and Pet Milk, and I.  G. Farben either owns outright, has had a substantial interest in or has had  other cartel agreements with Owl Drug, Parke-Davis and Co., Bayer and Co.,  Whitehall Laboratories, Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee Foods, Bristol Meyers and Squibb and  Sons. The list goes on and on and on and includes Proctor and Gamble who  ‘domesticated’ the word “fluoride” with official encouragement in 1958, being  the originators of the infamous “Crest” fluoridated toothpaste campaign.

The only reference to “Farben” traceable in a limited search of modern  literature was in 25th Edition of Martindale, under “F.B.A. Pharmaceutical  Limited; Products of Farbenfabriken Bayer”.

All corporate traces of the Hugh I.G. cartel have been absorbed by the  hundreds, if not thousands, of one-time cartel members, but the ‘malady lingers  on’ …


In Australia, the Dental Health and Research Foundation which has such names  as Colgate, Kellogg and the ex-I.G. Farben associates listed among its governors  and contributors has been irreverently but accurate dubbed “the fluoride mafia”.  Closely allied with this Sydney University ‘foundation’ into the halogen  fluoride, its benefits and its hazards, have never been made available despite  numerous appeals. An ABC science show’s examination of the scientific integrity  of Foundation 41 may explain the elusive (or is the word illusory?) data.

America is literally bursting at the seams with such foundations, were The  Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie Foundation and The Ford Foundation. It is  necessary to mention these specifically because they were the first foundations  to make grants in the population (control) field, and the Carnegie family merged  with the Mellon family Institute to create the Carnegie-Mellon University in  Pittsburgh in 1967.

The Mellon family were the founders of the original Mellon Institute whence  came the “amazing (but totally fallacious) sodium fluoride/dental caries  prevention discovery” – the discovery that literally turned ‘garbage into gold’.  The Mellon family also founded the American Aluminum Company (Alcoa), the  largest producer of the waste toxin, sodium fluoride, which, up to this point of  ‘caries discovery’, had relatively little known commercial or industrial value,  was an environmental hazard of great public concern, and was very costly in  terms of safe disposal.

So we retrace our steps to the “Dickenson Statement” in Hansard and Chas  Eliot Perkins.

In a letter abstracted from Fluoridation and Lawlessness (published by the Committee for Mental Health and National Security)  to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 2nd  October 1954, a Charles Eliot Perkins, scientist and author of Washington, DC,  and, one must assume, the same Charles Eliot Perkins of the “Dickenson  Statement” to the Victorian Parliament, said this (and the words of the last two  lines of the second paragraph cannot be overemphasized): “We are told by  the fanatical ideologists who are advocating the  fluoridation of the water  supplies in this country that their purpose is to reduce the incidence of tooth  decay in children, and it is the plausibility of this excuse, plus the  gullibility of the public and the cupidity of public officials that is  responsible for the present spread of artificial water  fluoridation in this  country.

“However – and I want to make this very definite and positive – the  real reason behind water  fluoridation not to benefit children’s teeth. If this were the real reason,  there are many ways in which it could be done which are much easier, cheaper and  far more effective. The real purpose behind water  fluoridation is to reduce  the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty …

“When the  Nazis, under Hitler,  decided to go into Poland … the German General Staff and the Russian General  Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans and personnel and the  scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian  Communists because it fitted ideally into their plan to communize the world …

“I say this in all earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has  spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, Bo-chemistry, physiology and  pathology and pathology of fluorine: any person who drinks artificially  fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same  person, mentally or physically.”

Mr. Perkins does not involve America, American institutions or individuals in  his assertions, but when Major George Racy Jordan was in charge of the  massive ‘lend-lease airlift’ operations from Great Falls, Montana, to Russia via  Alaska, he queried the transshipment of considerable amounts of sodium  fluoride via Fairbanks, Alaska, to Russia. He was told “frankly” that it  was to put into the drinking water in the prisoner-of-war camps to take away  their will to resist.

The published knowledge that sodium fluoride was known for this mind – and  behavior – changing potential was available at the start of this century, as  witness such entries as “Fluoricum Acidum” (Encyclopedia of Pure ‘Materia  Medica’, vol. ix, p. 333).

America has long been interested in behavior and mind control by chemical  means. Americans who were at once financiers, industrialists and population –  control advocates were intimately involved with Germany where chemical  extermination and chemical behavior control by, inter alia, sodium fluoride,  were placed into practice. America transferred this knowledge and material,  inter alia, to Russia during its ‘lend-lease’ co-operation. An American major  producer of aluminum was the world’s major source of sodium fluoride. American  ‘education and research’ funded by (a) the major sodium fluoride producer, and  (b) a ‘foundation’ involved in population control, was the origin of ‘the dental  caries prevention myth’ associated with sodium fluoride.

A predominantly American company was the first to exploit this concept in  dentifrice production, and American ‘medical research’ figured largely in the  ‘fluorination’ processes that converted the negative embarrassment of mounting  industrial waste to huge positive profit increases – processes that other  countries hastened to emulate; processes which include the enormous outlet for  fluorides in the fluoridation of water supplies.

Although fertilizer production has not been a part of this thesis, the  following ‘connections’ with this point should be made. The manufacturing  processes for synthetic dyes, explosives and fertilizer are almost chemically  synonymous, and I.G. Farben was expert in all production phases of these  ‘necessities’. Sodium silico-fluoride was a waste constituent from the refining  of phosphate rock, until a ‘use’ could be found or created for the waste.

A letter (reproduced on page 28) from the United States Environmental  Protection Agency throws the spotlight on the unique ‘waste disposal via the  public kidney’ concept that was created.


The question raised by the Hansard “Dickinson Statement”, and perhaps  aggravated by this dissertation and data, is this: Was the Australian  Government, in 1962-3 when it illegally (Australian Constitution, Section 51 [xxiiiA])  introduced “fluoridation of water supplies” to Australia, aware of its grotesque actions and of the grave results? The ‘shonky’ method of introducing, plus legal and official  correspondence at that time, indicates in the affirmative.

Was the Crisp Royal Commission, when it ‘found’ in favor in fluoridation, and, incidentally, in favor of the major polluter and producer of fluoride in  Tasmania (Electrolytic Zinc Corp., Risdon, Hobart), aware of the consequences of  any such favorable findings? Conditions then and since mingle with some  incredible documented coincidences, and unbelievable but documented official  behavior, including that of premiers and health ministers, and the paucity of  current State parliamentary investigations into fluorine-based environment  problems, to convince the most skeptical that it was.

Was the Victorian Premier (Sir Rupert Hamer, who was later to publicly  declare the dictatorial credo, “It was always tempting to override the people  and impose a new order”), aware of these background facts when he instituted  indemnified water fluoridation legislation and a subsequent fraudulently conceived and executed cover-up “inquiry”? (Ballarat Courier, 6 October 1982) Irrespective of  the obviously familial supplier advantages, it seems certain that he was certain  that he was so aware. Widespread publicity regarding subsequent alleged complex  land company fraud transactions would seemingly underwrite the existence of the  necessary character attributes to perform as implied.

Are the lies, denials, fabrications and evasions evident in Geelong with two  fluoride pollution sources (aluminum smelting and fertiliser production), and  Portland with ditto sources, no more than “job protection” and “rate protection” scares as is claimed, or is there a deeper, wider federal or international  instructional background behind the unmonitored pollution, with the health  detriment there from and the ‘secrecy legislation’ invoked for the Victorian  aluminum industry?

[Was] Mrs. Thatcher’s astronomical expenditure of United Kingdom revenue on a fluoridation campaign in Northern Ireland a matronly concern for the youngsters’ teeth, or perhaps an  attempt to sedate the people and render them subservient to her autocratic  dictates? Remember this. Mrs. Thatcher has a background of academic chemistry and  would be far from ignorant of the tranquillizing effects of the halogens and  their halides.

Similarly, her legal and political shenanigans (that is the only word to  describe her behavior) in the England fluoridation scene offer many avenues for questioning of her motives.

Are the lies, fabrications, omissions, evasions and official hysteria in the  federal government and bureaucracy at the very mention of fluorides, fluoride  pollution or water fluoridation, also common to the state governments and bureaucracies, and repeatedly backed up by the most lunatic science (as witness, the ministerially  approved and internationally derided propaganda from the National Health and  Medical Research Council), royal and vice-regal intransigence, a frightening  exhibition of this grim foreknowledge, all of which has abundant documentary  support, or simply no more than dastardly coincidence?


Washington , D.C. 20460   MAR 30 1983


Leslie A.Russell, D.M.D.

363 Walnut Street   Newtonville, Mass. 02160

Dear Dr Russell:

Thank you for you letter of March 9, 1983, in regard to the fluoridation of drinking water.

The information available to the Environmental Protection Agency is that fluoridation is a safe and effective means for reducing the occurrence of dental caries. The fluoridation process has been endorsed by several Presidents of the United States and by several Surgeons  General, including the current Surgeon General, Dr C. Everett Koop. A copy of Dr  Koop’s statement on fluoridation is enclosed.

Water treatment chemicals, including fluosilicic acid, have been evaluated  for their potential for contributing to the contamination of drinking water. The  Water Treatment Chemicals Codex, published by the National Academy of Sciences,  prescribes the purity requirement for fluosilicic acid and other fluoridation chemicals.

In regard to the use of fluosilicic acid as a source of fluoride for fluoridation, this Agency regards such use as an ideal environmental solution to a long-standing problem.  By recovering by-product fluosilicic acid from fertiliser manufacturing, water  and air pollution are minimized, and water utilities have a low-cost source of  fluoride available to them. I hope this information adequately responds to your  concern.

Sincerely yours,  Rebecca Hanmer   Deputy Assistant  Administrator for Water


So What?

The question raised by the Hansard “Dickinson Statement”, and perhaps aggravated by this dissertation and data, is this: Was the Australian Government, in 1962-3 when it illegally (Australian Constitution, Section 51 [xxiiiA]) introduced “fluoridation of water supplies” to Australia, aware of its grotesque actions and of the grave results? The ‘shonky’ method of introduction, plus legal and official correspondence at that time, indicates in the affirmative.  Was the Crisp Royal Commission, when it ‘found’ in favour of fluoridation, and, incidentally, in favour of the major polluter and producer of fluoride in Tasmania (Electrolytic Zinc Corp., Risdon, Hobart), aware of the consequences of any such favourable findings? Conditions then and since mingle with some incredible documented coincidences, and unbelievable but documented official behaviour, including that of premiers and health ministers, and the paucity of current State parliamentary investigations into fluorine-based environmental problems, to convince the most sceptical that it was.

Was the Victorian Premier (Sir Rupert Hamer, who was later to publicly declare the dictatorial credo, “It was always tempting to override the people and impose a new order”), aware of these background facts when he instituted indemnified water fluoridation legislation and a subsequent fraudulently conceived and executed cover-up ‘inquiry’? (Ballarat Courier, 6 October 1982) Irrespective of the obvious familial supplier advantages, it seems certain that he was so aware. Widespread publicity regarding subsequent alleged complex land company fraud transactions would seemingly underwrite the existence of the necessary character attributes to perform as implied.

Are the lies, denials, fabrications and evasions evident in Geelong with two fluoride pollution sources (aluminum smelting and fertilizer production), and Portland with ditto sources, no more than ‘job protection’ and ‘rate protection’ scares as is claimed, or is there a deeper, wider federal or international instructional background behind the unmonitored pollution, with the health detriment therefrom and the ‘secrecy legislation’ invoked for the Victorian aluminum industry?

[Was] Mrs Thatcher’s astronomical expenditure of United Kingdom’s revenue on a fluoridation campaign in Northern Ireland a matronly concern for the youngsters’ teeth, or perhaps an attempt to sedate the people and render them subservient to her autocratic dictates? Remember this. Mrs Thatcher has a background of academic chemistry and would be far from ignorant of the tranquillizing effects of the halogens and their halides.

Similarly, her legal and political shenanigans (that is the only word to describe her behavior) in the England fluoridation scene offer many avenues for questioning of her motives.

Are the lies, fabrications, omissions, evasions and official hysteria in the federal government and bureaucracy at the very mention of fluorides, fluoride pollution or water fluoridation, also common to the state governments and bureaucracies, and repeatedly backed up by the most lunatic science (as witness, the ministerially approved and internationally derided propaganda from the National Health and Medical research Council), royal and vice-regal intransigence, a frightening exhibition of this grim foreknowledge, all of which has abundant documentary support, or simply no more than a dastardly coincidence?

Part 2

A Multinational Can of Worms

The link between Colgate and ‘mind control’ was mentioned earlier. That company’s reputation with fluoride as a toothpaste ingredient is a promotional legend, particularly in Kenya where a ban on the TV advertising of fluoridated toothpaste produced some extraordinary pecuniary persuasion from Colgate in attempts to preserve the status quo for the company’s benefit.  When official fluoridation corruption was exposed in New Zealand, a ‘scientific study’ was hurriedly executed to try to justify the original government/industry claims and repair the damage done to the fluoride empire. The accreditation appended to that study is reproduced here, with emphasis added:

“ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS  We are grateful to the Director and staff of the Division of Dental Health, Department of Health, for the administrative and logistic support in the Auckland area. In particular we wish to mention Supervising Dental Nurses R. Patchett and K. Hyde, and assistant V. Clarke for their excellent arrangements and help in contacting, screening, and arranging the transportation of children to the examination centers. Mr Garth Stewart, bus driver, contributed much above and beyond his normal duties. The tremendous help and cooperation from principals and staff of all schools is most appreciated.  Financial support for this study was provided by the Colgate Palmolive Company (NZ).”  Earlier, the name Kellogg was tied into the I.G. Farben corporate machinations. The words below are reproduced from the cover of a recent World Health Organization (WHO) publication advocating fluoridation/fluorides, Appropriate Use of Fluorides for Human Health (underlining added): “Published under the joint sponsorship of the International Dental Federation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the World Health Organization.”

The intertwining, overlapping, interlocking co-incidence between erstwhile I.G. Farben companies and the continuing degradation of human health, our ecology and environment in exchange for the corporate dollar is virtually endless. But simply, as one example, the Nestle Company, once accused of selling nutritionally barren milk formula to third-world babies, has recently been found guilty of marketing “Pure Apple Juice” which was anything but “pure” and had never been anywhere near an apple.

The Nestle Company has been nominated by the Ecologist as one of several multinational companies involved in the destruction of “the lungs of the Earth”, the Brazilian rainforests.

It Really Gets In!

The following pages make slight transition from historically recorded fact and logic to indisputable fact, biochemical fact and medical literature fact.  The pharmaceutical nomenclature and biochemical data involve fluorine/fluorides, with or without other ingredients, in virtually every phase of mind and behavior control from mild sedation through ‘controlled’ unconsciousness to death.

‘Side-effects’ of all drugs have in common the ‘paradoxical’ characteristic of having an effect, on some individuals, exactly opposite of that which was the intentional effect, converting, for example, a tranquillizer into a potent stimulant, and thus the consumer from a ‘pussy cat’ into a slavering maniac.

Think back to the dosing of service personnel who are trained to hunt, maim and kill their fellow man while under the influence of this or other forms of chemical behaviour-control, and consider the possible reaction of such ‘trainees’ when discharged into the mainstream of society.

Are any of the terrorist activities around the globe, including otherwise inexplicable recent happenings in Australia, the grim result of such biochemical paradox?

Fluoridated Propellants and Refrigerants – Fluoridated Hole in the Ozone Layer

Halogenated hydrocarbons (sometimes called fluorocarbons or, when the name of the weapon must be changed to protect the guilty, just CFCs) are too numerous to list, being over 150 in number. In ‘asthma’ sprays, the warning exists in all product literature (available only to the doctor, not to the patient): “Excessive use of such inhalers or abuse of any aerosol propellant may result in toxic effects on the heart, and deaths have been reported.” (Remember the term “anti-cholinergic”.)  Another stark warning from “restricted distribution” literature: “Abuse. Of 110 deaths associated with the ‘sniffing of solvents’ between 1962 and 1969, fifty-nine were related to the use of fluorinated aerosol propellants.”

The most frequently used fluorides under this heading (with their identifying numbers in parentheses) are:

Trichlorofluoromethane (11)  Dichlorodifluoromethane (12)  Chorotrifluoromethane (13)  Tetrafluoromethane (14)  Dichlorofluoromethane (21)  Chlorodifluoromethane (22)  Tetrachlorodifluoromethane (112)  Trichlorofluoroetane (113)  Dichlorofluorotetraethane (114)  Chloropentafluoroethane (115)  Difluoroethane (152a).

The side-effects of exposure to these fluorides, ranging from the ‘more common’ to the ‘rarely reported’ are as follows: cardiac toxicity (heart injury), respiratory depression (or breathing difficulties), bradycardia (or slowed pulse rate), convulsions (or central nervous system effects), psychomotor aberrations (or brain dysfunction), transient sedation (or heart and lung effects), ataxia (or brain problems), irritation of the upper respiratory tract, rise/fall in blood pressure, apnoea (or impaired lung function damage), tachycardia (or increased pulse rate), broncho-constriction (or asthma), palpitations (or irregular heart beat), narcosis (or brain ‘drugging’ again), and death.

All of the above ‘side-effects’ are associated with either the acute or the chronic symptoms of “anti-cholinergic” toxicity. And there is that word ‘anti-cholinergic’ again.

With a sufficient amount of these fluorocarbons (CFCs) being used (in the aerosol form alone) to threaten the world’s atmospheric and climate conditions through deterioration of the ozone layer, it is not remarkable that this volume represents an environmentally hazardous anti-cholinergic (or anti-metabolic, ganglion-blocking) agent for all humanity.

Discharges from certain industrial processes carry substantial amounts of gaseous fluoride. In particular, hydrogen fluoride, when washed from the atmosphere by rain, forms a solution of hydrofluoric acid (0.7 ppm in Mojave Desert rainfall and 0.3 ppm in Siberian snows), so these anti-cholinergic discharges offer an additional threat by contributing to the fluoridated hole in the ozone layer.

One must assume it is owing to the enormous economic impact of this decaying ozone on the casual industries that sources of culprit industrial discharges have not featured in the current spate of international scientific concern nor in the records of the world’s atmospheric/climatic monitors.

As an example of administratively approved industrial output, the first stage of the Portland (Victoria, Australia) smelter was issued with a pollution licence to discharge to the environment 70 tonnes per year of fluoride in gaseous and particulate forms. It is possible that this amount had been greatly exceeded because no monitoring of the discharges has thus far been executed.

Within a short 12 months after starting of smelting operations, an unknown but allegedly high number of pot-room workers at the smelter acquired ‘pot-room asthma’ – a convenient euphemism for anti-cholinergic damage.

Fluorinated Pharmaceuticals – Fluoridated Income Generation

In an effort to increase the bio-availability of the remedial ingredient or ingredients, many pharmaceutical products are halogenated. There are still many chlorinated and a few brominated products designed as nostrums for human disease states. Of recent years, the catalogue of fluoridated pharmaceuticals has doubled and redoubled until any representative listing would be beyond the scope of this paper.  The proclaimed intention of the pharmacist in fluorinating a product is to enhance still further its metabolic activity and therefore its alleged remedial qualities. For example, fludrocortisone acetate has glucocoricoid actions about 15 times as potent as hydrocortisone (unfluorinated), and mineralocorticoid effects more than 100 times as potent.

But, in potentiating the remedial effect, the undesirable side-effects are also worsened and the ‘therapeutic’ industry gets an income from two sources: from treating the original disease condition and, subsequently, from repairing the iatrogenic effects of the initial drug treatment.

Literature quote:

“Muscular weakness is an occasional side-effect of most corticosteroids (hormones).. most evident with (1) fludrocortisone and (2) triamcinilone (both fluorinated hormones). It has been suggested that this effect is more pronounced when a fluorine atom is present in the 9th position.”  A useful example here is fluorinated toothpaste which has the long-term effect not of improving dental health but, by chronic anti-metabolic processes, of severely destroying it. Thus every Australian city with or without fluoridated water supplies has as much as doubled the number of registered dentists since the advent of fluorinated toothpaste, fluorinated gels and fluorinated rinses.

Or take the more extreme example of little Jason Burton who had non-prescription fluorinated dental decay-prevention tablets (sodium fluoride) provided for him by loving parents who were in total ignorance of their fluoride toxic hazard. Jason ingested a lethal dose of these tablets and died. We only know about Jason because the doctor recognised accurately and conscientiously registered the cause of his death. The existence of the death certificate has actually been denied by pro-fluoride Australian ‘scientists’ in reply to queries from overseas scientists.

It should be clear from the foregoing and what follows that human disease conditions, ranging from ‘pot-room asthma’ through the various perilous stages of anti-cholinergic response to expiration, can be accidentally or deliberately induced by an interminable list of fluoride pollution and fluorinated compounds which include a fluorinated environment, fluorinated atmosphere and a fluorinated drinking water supply.

It may be difficult for the ‘man in the street’ to believe that a substance with so many industrial, commercial and medical ‘applications’ could be derived from or structured around a scientifically recognised toxic waste product. This thesis should illustrate that the chemical, pharmaceutical, commercial and political worlds are well aware of the deadly potential of this halogen and intend to exploit that potential to everlasting human detriment.

Fluorinated Tranquillisers – Fluoridated Acquiescence, Lethargy, Apathy, Stupidity.

There are two basic forms of halogenated tranquilliser: major and minor. The minor tranquillisers are halogenated with either chlorine or bromine. The major tranquillisers, albeit of variable potency, are those numerically listed hereunder and are all fluorinated. All are anti-cholinergic agents with intentional effects on central nervous systems allied with cardiac and respiratory depression. The figure is the number of proprietary products each classification, in addition to the base chemical (in capitals).

3 BENPERIDOL: Anquil, Frenactil, Glianimon  4 DROPERIDOL: Droleptan, Dridol, Inaspin, Inapsine  1 FLUANISONE: Sedalande  1 FLUBUPERONE HYDROCHLORIDE: Buronil  1 FLUNITRAZEPAM: Rohypnol  3 FLUOPROMAZINEH: Psyquil, Siquil, Vesprin  1 FLUOESONE: Bripidan  1 FLURBIPROFEN: Froben  0 FLOPENTHIXOL DECANOATE  3 FLOPENTHIXOL HYDROCHLORIDE: Depixol, Fluanxol, Emergil  0 FLUPHENAZINE DECANOATE  0 FLUPHENAZINE ENANTHATE  11 FLUPHENAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE: Modecate, Moditen, Anatensol, Daptum, Lyogen, Omce, Pancinol, Siqualone Permitil, Prolixin,Sevinol.  Notes: No. 5 FLUNITTRAZEPAM (Rohypnol),which is fluorinated Valium, was recently prescribed for a youth in Western Australia and was blamed for his subsequent death.

Valium (Diazepam) was the “tranquilliser most involved” in road accident victims, according to a study carried out by Sydney University (Prof. Graham Starmer, Quantum, 26 April 1988). An obvious question: What aggravated effect would the increased potency of the fluorinated variety (Rohypnol) have on the road fatalities?

Rohypnol and Valium are proprietary names of Roche products. Roche was a Swiss member of the I.G. Farben cartel and is probably more infamous for the terrible Stanley Adams family tragedy accurately immortalised in the film, A Song For Europe.

The ABC TV program, 7.30 Report (12 May 1988), told how the Western Australian penal system routinely administered both Serapax and Rohypnol (synergistic drugs) to prisoners to “make them into little robots most of the time” – including, it was alleged, throughout pregnancy.

2 FLURAZEPAM HYDROCHLORIDE: Dalmane, Dalmadorm  2 FLUSPIRILLINE: Redeptin, Imap  2 HALOPERIDOL: Haldol, Serenace  1 PENFLUORIDOL: Semap  2 PIPAMPERONE: Dipiperon, Proptian  18 TRIFLUOPERAZINE HYDROCHLORIDE: Amylozine Spansules, Stelabid Elixir, Stelabid Forte tabs, Stelazine, Eskazine, Calmazine, Chemflurazine, Clinazine, Fluazine, Novofluazine, Pentazine, Solazine, Trifluoper-Ez-Ets, Triflurin, Jatroneural, Terfluzin, Terfluzine  0 TRIFLUPERIDOL  2 TRIFLUPERIDOL HYDROCHLORIDE: Triperidol, Psicoperidol.  This is a total of 21 fluorinated tranquillising compounds plus an additional 58 brand-name major tranquillisers using a fluoride as an ingredient. Undoubtedly many others have been added to this list since the reference work was published in June 1977.

Relevant Footnotes:

Florida International University (Rotton, Tikovsky and Feldman) showed that: “..minute amounts (0.45ppm) of sodium fluoride solution…impair visual sensorimotor performance” with a consequent slowing down in mental and physical reaction times (sedative or tranquillising effect)(JAP vol.67:2). This finding is of relevance when driving or operating machinery, if of no other consequence. Nevertheless, attempts over a number of years to draw the attention of those authorities allegedly concerned with driver/industrial safety, have been met only with silence or obstruction.

Early in 1987, Swedish researchers linked tranquillisers to birth defects, nominating (in Lancet) the drug benzodiazepine (Diazapam or Valium) as a particular culprit.

Fluorinated Anaesthetics – Fluoridated Unconsciousness (The penultimate in mind and behaviour control)

As with fluorinated tranquillisers, there are a number of anaesthetics halogenated with chlorine and bromine. The ‘popular’ modern anaesthetics are those listed here, which are all fluorinated. Once again, all are anti-cholinergic agents with intentional, designed effects on central human nervous systems, accompanied by cardiac and respiratory depression.  FLUOXENE  ISOFLURANE: Forane  METHOXYFLURANE: Penthrane  ENFLURANE: Ethrane  HALOTHANE: Fluorothane, Somnothane.  Note: There are scientific studies which demonstrate that the progeny of anaesthetists have a higher rate of birth defect than does the general community. A significant statistic in the established perinatal (SIDS) mortality/fluorine connection.

Some of the hazardous side-effects given in the medical literature for fluorinated anaesthetics are difficult to separate from those effects intended to induce a hopefully controllable unconscious state. For example, under “toxic effects” are listed “respiratory depression”, “depressant action on the cardiovascular system”, “Bradycardia and profound hypotension (or slowing pulse and drop in blood pressure), “hepatic dysfunction” (or liver damage), “Halothane blocks the transmission of nerve impulses through ganglia” (or central nervous system inhibition), and “cardiac arrest” (or death).

In other words, all of the anti-cholinergic effects variously intended or variously inherent are induced by the fluorinated propellants, fluorinated pharmaceuticals and/or fluorinated tranquillisers and fluorinated exterminators.

So far, these “data” pages illustrate how fluorine and fluoridation have been sold, packaged and/or prescribed for both public and professional credibility on ‘health’ grounds. The final page deals with the same halogen as it really is, really was and always will be, and as it is employed in those products listed. It is one of the deadliest, multi-functional and insidious poisons known to mankind.

It is significant, in the context of deliberate government mind-control and physical/chemical intervention, to note that in Australia the hazardous fluorinated anti-metabolic agents and anti-cholinergic agents enjoy federal and state government approval and subsidised distribution, whilst the safe nutritional substances, vitally necessary to combat and repair systemic chronic toxic injury wrought by the “free drugs”, are available only at considerable cost to the victim. Furthermore, the same bureaucracy that approved the ‘killers’ has sought to restrict public access to the remedial supplements. Some local councils even infringe the laws of medical prescription and issue free sodium fluoride tablets for dosing of children without any warning, muchless any advice on antidotes.

And those same government instrumentalities and ministerial ‘heads’ that oppose the ready availability of nutritional supplements are the same ministers and public servants who lie, cheat, defraud, defame, blackmail and coerce to increase the distribution or compel the ingestion of fluorides and fluoride-bearing products: the same as those who, in defence of the Australian Constitution (section 51 [xxiiia]), legislated to have the chemical dumped into our drinking water supplies.

To sum up the above, the killer drugs are approved, encouraged or enforced and subsidised, while the vital remedial nutrients and metabolites (rendered necessary by the ‘free’ hazardous drugs) are not subsidised but availability is officially discouraged and obstructed.

Fluorinated Exterminators – Fluoridated Death (The Ultimate in Mind and Behaviour Control)

As with tranquillisers and anaesthetics, chemical warfare gases are halogenated. Riot-control gases, tear gas or lacrimators employ either chlorine (chlorinated, e.g. mace) or bromine (brominated) as halogenators, but the lethal German-developed (I.G. Farben) nerve gases Soman and Sarin are both fluorinated and replaced the earlier chlorinated Tabun for speed and efficacy in killing the enemy by their immediate anti-cholinergic agency.  SARIN: Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoidate  SOMAN: Pinacolyl methlphosphonofluoridate.  The almost immediate death caused by exposure to nerve gases is a result of instantaneous ‘blocking’ of catalysis and nerve action by the fluorinated gas, by acute anti-cholinergic agency (enzymatic ‘blocking’) and consequent cessation of heart and lung function.

Included here are two medical fluorinated compounds called:

DYFLOS (DI-isopropyl fluorophosphate): Designed to treat, inter alia, the eye disease glaucoma, it is described in the literature as an “irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor (anti-cholinergic agent) and the toxic effects may be prolonged. Systemic toxicity occurs after inhalation of the vapour.”  FLUOROURACIL: Uracil is an essential human metabolite. It is fluorinated in a ‘last resort’ attempt to control the growth and/or destroy cancer cells through enzyme (DNA and RNA) ‘blocking’ activity. “The toxic effects are severe and sometimes fatal.” It is often paradoxical in action and actually provokes cancer. Side-effects, all severe and numerous, are those associated with other fluorinated anti-cholinergic agents set out previously.  The physiological consequences attending this deliberate fluorination of a human metabolite illustrates the deadly peril of any fluorination process but, in particular, the fluorination of a vital metabolite (rendering it anti-metabolic in action), human electrolyte or essential nutrient such as water.

FLUOROACETAMIDE (Compound 1081): Another instance of a vital metabolite, ‘acetamide’ being converted (halogenated) to a potent anti-metabolite by fluorination.  In Britain, this product, a close chemical cousin to the stuff used to fluorinate water supplies and toothpastes, etc., “is restricted to the extermination of rats in ships and sewers.”

HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID (fluorosilicic acid, hydrofluoric acid): A toxic ‘waste product’ of the fertiliser industry, it is now used for fluoridation of drinking water.  To quote from medical literature, “Warning: Inhalation Hazard. Inhalation of hydrofluorosilicic acid from soaked cotton clothing could cause irreversible lung damage in one minute” due to anti-cholinergic activity.

SODIUM FLUORIDE: A ‘waste product’ of the aluminium industry and used in fluoridation of drinking water, this hazardous intractable garbage has become, by dint of promotion and sly public re-education, the active ingredient in fluorinated pesticides, fungicides, nematodides, rodenticides, anaesthetics, tranquillisers, fluorinated medications (pharmaceuticals), a number of industrial and domestic products, fluorinated dental gels, rinses and toothpastes.  In other words, sodium fluoride is so much a part of multibillion-dollar industrial and pharmaceutical income that any withdrawal for any reason by the promoters, the fluoridationists or by anyone who has supported them for whatever purpose is impossible on a financial basis, embarrassing on a reputation basis, and unthinkable on a legal basis.

SODIUM FLUOROCETATE (Compound 1080, as No.5 above): This seems to be the preferred ‘exterminator’ for rodents, etc., on the proclaimed grounds that it is slightly less hazardous for humans. Death by 1080 will take a little longer and be slightly less painful than death by 1081. It will, however, be no less permanent.  SODIUM SILICOFLUORIDE: This waste product of the fertiliser industry is used in fluoridation of drinking water. By international law it must be removed from fertiliser so that pastures, crops, sheep and cattle will not be harmed. That it is then sold for disposal through the community kidneys is not a matter of international concern. Until this more profitable use was found, it was used almost exclusively as an insecticide and rodenticide – an exterminator.  While this thesis is directed at the ‘grass roots’ where people are most likely to be affected (as a result of being screened from the truth), there will be some who, retaining the foolish but implanted ‘reference complex’, will need to verify the content. This will be a simple matter for their own or public library sources without biased prompting by the author.

That said, the author acknowledges the considerable value of the following for evidential support of this thesis:  The Extra Pharmacopoeia, Martindale, editions nos. 25 and 27.  Encyclopedia Britannica, ed. no. 15  The Unseen Hand, by Ralph Epperson.  The Case Against Fluoridation, by Lee Hardy.  Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart  World Without Cancer, by G. Edward Griffin.  The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben, by Joseph Borkin.  Certain unrefuted, unchallenged correspondence, allegations and scientific papers by the author.


Since it was the parliamentary activities of Harley Rivers Dickinson, Member for South Barwon (Victoria), that prompted the research that led to writing of this thesis, it is fitting that the epilogue should refer to more representational work on the same subject (fluoridation of water supplies) by the same Member in the same Parliament.  In February 1983, Harley Dickinson placed two “questions on notice” to the then Minister for Health. Roper, on behalf of his Geelong district constituents. The first question was in 10 parts and the second in eight parts, affording some excuse for delay in preparing comprehensive answers.

The questions were answered and recorded in Hansard of 7 April 1988 by the now-displaced T. Roper, on behalf of the present Minister for Health, D. White, more than five years after the asking – a period of waiting intolerable in a health matter, even were the questions answered in a generally responsible fashion which they certainly were not.

Without going into the detail of questions and answers, having pointed out the extreme and perilous lassitude of the (Victorian) State Government, suffice it to remark that the answers varied from patent falsehood to inadvertent exposure of ministerial fraud: from the repeated quoting of proven fraudulent ‘evidence’ to accurate but selected part-quotations of literature evidence: from admissions of impropriety by the Victorian bureaucracy to baseless assertions.


This story is full of overlapping, interwoven, interlocking circumstance beyond the statistical or reasonable bounds of chance or coincidence. Pursuing each facet, each tortuous avenue from “The Dickinson Statement” as a starting point will confound and dumbfound the pursuer with still more mind-boggling information.  The histories of Cecil Rhodes, Rhodes Scholarships, the Bilderbergers, the US Federal Reserve, the Illuminati, international banking, the House of Rothschild and General Aniline and Film, are just a few of the ‘avenues’ to be explored that will make your hair ‘stand on end’!

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