Having just finished a chat with Magic Jack I learned that they will not transfer an account to another party, so the account that first receives a magic jack will be the account holder for that magic jack forever.  Even if the devices is inactive in the account – they will not move it.

I’m sure they do this because it prevents the sale of magic jack to someone else once it has been registered.  It’s a ploy to ensure the sale of more magicjack devices.

Unfortunately this means that if you want to replace a defective magic jack on your account you are going to have to buy a new one or one that has never been registered since you will want to keep your account, your number and whatever time left on the account.

But if you decide you want to sell your magic jack because you are no longer planning to use it then you can defeat their lock down scheme by selling it along with it’s related / connected account.

You can change the name on the account and then change the email address to your customer’s email address.  Once viewing my.magicjack.com and logged in you can click the account tab and find Mailing Address / Alternate Phone.   Here you can add the new customer’s address information including his telephone number.

After that add their email address under the option which is named “manage login”.  Once you’ve added their email address, they will be able to manage their account.

Finally make sure you give them the credentials to the account – when they receive the magicjack they will be able to plug it in and it will work just as it did for you using the login and password you provided.

I understand that you can change the number so if preferred the number can be altered before you provide the replacement.

So there’s a workaround that can defeat the rigged game Magic Jack is playing with the inability to change or transfer magic jack from one account to another.