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Take the blue pill, the story ends and you wake up believing whatever you want to believe. Take the RED PILL, and we'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes - but remember all we're offering is the truth".

  • 911 was an inside job. The video makes fun of the ludicrious official version of events. The real story (previously found on Wikipedia but now scrubbed) can still be found possibly starting with or any of a variety of other websites, a few of which you'll find below.

  • Vaccinations and flu shots contain mercury which continuously destroys brain and nerve cells as long as it remains in the body, causing a variety of neurological and physiological problems. The mercury in vaccines is known to be the direct cause for Autism, which was an unknown malady before vaccinations existed. Now 1 in 150 children are autistic. Vaccinations also contain squalene, formaldehyde, and even cancer causing viruses.

    In contrast Homeopathic vaccination nosodes have no negative impact on you or your child, and they give you a way to protect your family from others who have been traditionally vaccinated with the standard toxic concoctions. For information on obtaining homeopathic vaccination nosodes you may contact Electro Acupuncturist and Homeopath Dr. Donald Mayfield's office (407) 327-4191 and mention that Kurt Annaheim recommended you to them.

  • Medical Doctors take a "Hippocratic oath" to "do no harm", but it's a cruel joke since the pharmaceuticals that most doctors prescribe are liver toxic and allopathic (working against the body) causing deleterious "side effects".
  • MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) is a neurotoxin which hides behind a long list of other names. Generally if you have difficulty pronouncing anything on the label - avoid it. Chemicals in your food are deleterious, especially aspartame and artificial sweeteners. Click for more

  • If you have silver fillings in your teeth have them carefully removed using mercury protection protocol and replaced with safer materials. Click here and watch - especially if you have any "silver fillings.

  • Root canal teeth are even worse than silver fillings and should be replaced with a non-toxic, preferably nonmetallic bridge or other solution. Click Here. Also watch this video on my Youtube channel: Hal Huggins

  • Avoid the toxic sodium fluoride in mainstream toothpaste and your water supply.  It's making you docile and your bones brittle. Fluoride and Sodium Laurel Sulfates are poisons found in dental and other hygiene products.  Naturally occurring Calcium Fluorine or Calcium Fluoride is good, but data on calcium fluoride gave an excuse to the ADA to lie to you about the "safety and benefit of Sodium Fluoride", which is a toxic and hazardous chemical waste by-product that injures the brain, dulls mental acuity, and causes osteoporosis.

  • Become chem-trail aware. Click Here

  • Cell-phones should only be used with an acoustic transfer listening system similar to that used in airplanes.  Two or three cell phones aimed at popcorn will cause the popcorn to pop when the phones are called. Operating on either side of an egg they will cook the egg and the same thing is happening to your brain and eyes when it's up next to your head. There are also button sized radiation neutralizing devices that can be applied to your cell phone to reduce the radiation risk.

  • Microwave ovens damage the structure of your food, so cook conventionally. Seeds watered with micro-waved water will not germinate and healthy plants die, though conventionally boiled watered seeds and plants grow fine. Click to See

  • Consider eating more raw and less cooked food. Contrary to much of what mainstream sources will tell you, it's getting back to the basics of life that can revitalize us.

  • Cancer is a growth industry.  Pharmaceuticals are liver toxic and deadly.  Treat yourself instead with Homeopathics, herbs, and nutrition There are many modalities to cure cancer, but you won't hear about them in the mainstream or from compromised "doctors".  Avoid doctors like you would avoid radiation and horrible chemicals in your body since that's what they'll typically recommend.

  • Contrary to conventional claims, the sun is good for you and your eyes. Quit using sunglasses.
    Read this excerpt from below:

    Speaking of sunglasses, please understand that if you are seeking to be healthy, avoiding the use of sunglasses should be high on your priority list. Sunglasses block important light wavelengths that are essential for your health and will, without question, over time worsen your eyesight.

    The only time sunglasses may be appropriate is if you are skiing in sunny conditions since there is simply is too much illumination for your eyes to properly adjust, and skiing on the top of a mountain is not a very natural experience so you may need to compensate for this.

  • Avoid sun tan lotion and other toxic chemical based lotions unless you want what's in them in your body, since whatever you apply is going to be absorbed. That's why they warn you on the side of pesticides to avoid contact with bare skin. commercial perfumes and deodorants are toxic and are also absorbed through your skin into your body and do poison you. Do you want Aluminum Chlorhydrate in your body when you know that the Aluminum is a likely cause of alzheimer's?

  • End your consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and know that it hides behind a myriad of other names. It makes you fat and at least half of the supply of HFCS is tainted with levels of mercury, which hopefully you already know is a known cause of ongoing brain damage. Also avoid the "alternative" named Agave Nectar. The herb Stevia is a good alternative.

  • Avoid Aspartame. It works great as an ant killer, but you don't want it in your body. Start reading about this by clicking here.

  • Avoid drinking anything from plastic bottles. Most are made to outgas a dangerous designer estrogen hormone with nefarious intent. For more on this click here

  • a Social Security Number is the same as a Slave Surveillance Number: Click Here

  • The state issued birth certificate grants control of your child to the state in an insidious guardian-ward relationship.  Have your baby at home with a midwife delivery, and get no birth certificate or slave surveillance number for your child.  Keep your child free, and by so doing keep your child!   The state can only lawfully steal children from you if they are registered to them through the birth certificate and the SSN is involved (Slave Surveillance Number).

  • Avoid sending your children to the government's "public schools". They are more at risk of being vaccinated against your will or worse yet a training drill where your kids are taken to a FEMA camp, or for any lame excuse the government drums up. It's better to home school, but in the absence of that, a Montessori or private school is a superior alternative. Keep in mind that what is taught in all schools (even private) is a mix of revisionist history and and revisionist science that keeps people in the dark.

  • You have an unfettered natural right to travel. The government we've allowed to incrementally usurp power contends that "persons" who travel in the state's car become subject to traffic laws whether they make sense, and "persons" (not people) may for this reason also be obligated to have and carry a "driver's license" in your wallet.

  • Don't support mainstream Illuminati-controlled charities such as the eugenics promoting "Planned Parenthood", the "Sierra Club", "Red Cross", or United Way. Many large corporations, charities and many large organizations are controlled and managed by establishment boards usually with a Council of Foreign Relations or Mason at the top, whose primary obligation is to the cabal.

  • Stop paying income "tax", which isn't a "tax" at all.

  • The "Federal Reserve" allows the banksters to print money for themselves without substance or backing thus taking money out of our pockets, thus getting us to pay the bill for our own captivity. Gold and other precious metals are a good hedge against the loss of buying power in your saved dollar denominated assets.

  • Our ancestors allowed government to take paramount ownership of our property including our homes and our automobiles.  Unless you have an "Allodial Title" to your property, it's owned by the state. Instead you have a "Warranty Deed" to your home which means that you're allowed to use the state's property, and this is why you've been paying a yearly rent in the form of property tax to stay on property you thought you owned.  Regarding the car you thought was yours - the original MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) for your car was sent to the state by the auto dealer and then destroyed. From the dealer you received only a "Certificate of Title" which is evidence that you can use the state's car.

Stalin said - "those who vote decide nothing...  those who count the votes decide everything".  It's on record that voting machines have been rigged and the election process serves as a selection process for the elite to establish their puppet rulers.


Pay no income tax

Owl on the Dollar Bill

Can You Find the Hidden Owl?
This is an exploded view of the upper right corner on the face side of any $1 bill.  View one with a magnifying glass to find the owl.

This small owl first appeared on the bill in 1933 when the promise to pay in silver was removed from what became "fiat" currency - (poker chips).

Kick the New World OdorThe owl is the symbol of the Babylonian owl god "Moloch".  The dictum behind the owl, according to Dr. Rev. Peter Keegan, is that you're "Born in the Dark", and you'll "Die in the Dark". The Illuminati "See in the Dark" like owls. The Illuminati goal is to control all natural, financial, and human resources on the planet.

It's hidden in plain view by they who seek to enslave you and all the peoples of the earth.

Government federal reserve "notes" have no promise.

Edward Griffin explains how the Illuminati has enslaved you and how you may become un-enslaved.

The Creature from Jekyll Island

The Truth about the WTC

What Really Happened

Propaganda Matrix

Technology Suppression

Info Wars

Prison Planet 

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