From: Henry r flores <>
Subject: Newsletter

Researcher 1974 to 1998 worked with many inventors that were killed for their knowledge of their particular field. My is mechanical engineering. Built b2 bomber and Trans-Alaska pipeline. I can send my old resume at later date. Sincerely Henry

The relationship between the strength of the steady magnetic field (horizontal axis)
and the frequency of the oscillating electric field (vertical axis) needed to produce cyclotron resonance
for several essential biological ions. In the Thomas, Schrot, and Liboff experiment,
the 60 Hz oscillating field required a steady-state magnetic field of 0.2 gauss
to achieve cyclotron resonance with the lithium ion (Li+). The range of the earth’s background
natural non-pulsing magnetic field is 0.2 to 0.6 gauss, depending upon location.
I had dinner with Abe Liboff, the discoverer of “Ion Cyclotron Resonance”.
Abe wanted to ask me about the MedBeds I was building

The above 35+ year old crucial information for properly coupling/taking/interacting with biology
is not addressed by the new popular MainStream Media articles on “MedBeds”.
I talked with a few of the vendors of the new MedBeds, only to learn that they never heard
of these important cornerstone discoveries. I think this ignorance was orchestrated & promoted
by AMA and the Pharmaceutical companies, because properly designed MedBeds
and other very low cost ElectroMagnetic Medicine will eliminate most of AMA & Rockefeller Medicine.

As you can see, the important biological frequencies are mostly “Ultra Low Frequencies”.