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Technology enhances our enjoyment of life and health. Even seekers of a simpler life use technology.

Are you aware that many revolutionary technologies such as Free Energy have been suppressed for a very long time?
Information about this is spreading. Eventually revolutionary technologies such as those which can deliver Free Electricity, and other amazing technologies will appear as the news spreads that they imagine how having them would improve their lives

We are promoting the advancement of revolutionary technologies and we'd like to help protect the interests of inventors while we're at it.

Contact us if you have a revolutionary technology product and would like to make it available.

Also - you can start your own small scale revolution now. Take a look at the variety of innovative, money saving, healthy and practical products we offer now to the left and right on this page.


Non Toxic Bug Killer

It's a clean kill for insect pests using this non-toxic, organic powder that's beneficial to humans and pets

Power Controller

Save Power
& Extend Motor Life

Our Power Controller Saves Electricity and Extends the Life of a Motor


Paint on Insulation

Use this amazing Paint-on-Insulation to block thermal transfer far more effectively than Bat insulation

Magnetic Laundry System

Never Buy Laundry Soap Again

Start saving all the money you have been spending on Laundry Soap. Use our Magnetic Laundry System which is non-polluting, won't damage fabrics, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Soni-Grow Home and Garden Kit

Grow Plants Better and Faster!

With the sounds of nature and organic nutrients, you'll get greater yields, better plant vitality and natural pest resistance.

Tesla Symposium Books

Tesla Symposium Books

From the former International Tesla Society.