Suppressed Inventions

By LeRoy Pea
Updated Jan. 18, 2005
Government involvement in suppressed inventions.
Chronology Copyright April, 1989 by Pea Research

Each incident of "Suppressed Inventions" is presented in the following format and separated by a horizontal line: Date of incident   Reference   Description of incident

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Any one of these inventions may have been as revolutionary as desktop computers if they hadn't been suppressed. Personal computers are one of the most important technological inventions of the 20th century.
Unable to Date: B1-B,3 CARBURETION, MOORE The most productive in the field of carburetion was George Arlington Moore. Out of 17000 Patents, 250 of them were related to carburetion. As far back as the mid 1920's, Moore was capable of virtually eliminating carbon monoxide pollution with his carburetors. People in the automotive field considered Moore to be a genius and couldn't understand why the automobile industry ignored his inventions. Want to know more?...Article Thanks Christopher Bird. (deceased 1996?) Want to know more?...Article US0 drawing. (Requires TIFF viewer.)
1924 CANCER CURE, Georges Lakhovsky reported curing "tumors similar to those of cancer in animals" with his Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO). Want to know more?...Article
1925 B1-A,31 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, HENDERSHOT Lester Hendershot successfully builds and test a FREE ENERGY device. (see 1961) Want to know more?...Article Free Energy Generators (#1) Thanks Bob Nelson
1930's B1-A,37 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, MORAY Henry T. Moray is refused a Patent on his cold semiconductor cathode because the patent examiner couldn't understand how it could emit electrons. 20 years later the development of the transistor proved that his device could actually have  Want to know more?...Article "The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats" FREE eBook. Thanks Bob.
1930's CANCER CURE, Royal Rife The cure for cancer was covered up, and the treatment suppressed. Want to know more?...Article "The Cancer Cure that Worked" report published in 1987. Thanks Planet Newspaper. "Rife's Long-Suppressed Cure For Cancer and 50-Plus Other Diseases is Out of the Closet and Becoming Available." Want to know more?...Article "Suppression of the Rife Technology." Thanks Mark Lester
Jan. 1935 ANTI-GRAVITY, HENRY BULL. Popular Science publishes article about a "Reaction less drive" for airplanes. Said to be "impossible", he demonstrates an easy to build model. Want to know more?...Article    Want to know more?...

Jan. 3, 1935 J1-A,1,21 CARBURETION, POGUE, Pat.#353538 (Canadian) Charles N. Pogue is issued a Canadian Patent for a High Mileage Carburetor. (see 1/7/36) (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)

Apr. 9, 1935 J1-A,1,19 CARBURETION, POGUE, Pat.#US01997497 Charles N. Pogue is issued a Patent for a High Mileage Carburetor. (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors) Want to know more?...Article US01997497 drawing.
Jan. 7, 1936 J1-A,1,16 CARBURETION, POGUE, Pat.#US02026798 Charles N. Pogue is issued a Patent for his newer High Mileage Carburetor. Pogue used the carburetor for about ten years on his car and produced about 200 carburetors thru the Economy Carburetor Co. (see 4/30/36; 8/10/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors) Want to know more?...Article US02026798 drawing.
early 1936 J1-A,18 CARBURETION, POGUE BREEN MOTOR CO., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Tests the POGUE Carburetor on a Ford V-8 Coupe and got 26.2 miles on one pint of gasoline. The performance of the car was 100% in every way. Under 10 mph the operation much smoother than a standard carburetor. T.G. Green, President of the BREEN MOTOR CO., did the tests. (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
Apr. 30,1936 J1-A,18 CARBURETION, FORD MOTOR CO. FORD MOTOR CO., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Tests the POGUE Carburetor and is at "a loss to understand" how the carburetor got "25.7 miles on one pint of gasoline"! (That's approximately 205 mpg). Mr. W.J. Holmes and Mr. Purdy conducted the test for FORD MOTOR CO. (see 1/7/36)
Aug. 10,1936 J1-A,18 CARBURETION, POGUE S. Stockhammer tested the POGUE Carburetor on a 1934 Ford V-8 Coupe and got 28 miles per pint of gas. "I can say the performance was all anyone could desire in every shape of form." (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
Dec. 12, 1936 J1-A,26 CARBURETION, POGUE Canadian Automotive Magazine states that the standard carburetor gets about 25 mpg at only 9% efficiency. Therefore the POGUE carburetor is 72% efficient overall at 200 mpg. (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
1940 B1-A,37 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, MORAY Henry T. Moray demonstrates before members of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) his FREE ENERGY generator that gave a continuous output of 250,000 volts with no apparent input. The next day he was found shot in his lab and all of his notes and device were stolen. Currently, the Cosray Research Inst. of Salt Lake City has been collecting Moray's papers from old acquaintances and attempting to duplicate the device. (see 1930's)
Oct. 22, 1940 J1-A,14 CARBURETION, NEWBERY, Pat.#US02218922 Ivor B. Newbery gets a Patent for a high mileage carburetor that he says delivers a truly dry vapor to the engine and produces very little, if any, exhaust pollution. Want to know more?...Article US02218922 drawing.
1945 Carburetors marked "POGUE CARBURETOR, DO NOT OPEN" were used on unnamed source American Army tanks throughout WWII but were removed from circulation after the war ended. (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
1946 B1-A,40 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, COLER, von UNRUH CLASSIFIED BRITISH INTELLIGENCE REPORT: A German researcher by the name of Hans Coler, was visited and interrogated about his "Magneto-tromapparat" FREE ENERGY generator. The inventor claimed to get electrical energy without the use of a chemical or mechanical source of power. This device consisted of only permanent magnets, copper coils, and condensers in a static arrangement and delivered 450mv for a period of some hours. Coler also claimed his "Stromerzouger" could deliver 6kw of power from the few watts delivered by a dry cell. (see also, Joseph Newman). Coler Want to know more?...Article "Alleged New Source of Power". Thanks Bob Nelson .
1947 J3-C,43 FLYING SAUCER, T. BROWN Townsend Brown constructed Flying condensers shaped like Saucers. A high positive charge on the leading edge caused thrust to be generated in the direction of the region of low flux density. His Saucers required no jets or propellers, no moving parts at all. They modified the gravity field around themselves to produce, in effect, the incline of a "hill" under the craft, which they slid down like a surfboard on a wave. (aka Biefield-Brown effect) Want to know more?...Article US02949550 1960 Brown flying saucer drawings.

1947 FLYING SAUCER, J.R.R. SEARL. Searl, an military electrical engineer, builds a composite motor driven disc. After starting the device, the force of the disc breaks the motor drive shaft. The disc jumps up into the air, glows blue, and disappears. When the English inventor tries to get a patent on the disc, it is "secretized" by the Queen of England. Want to know more?...Article Levitation disc photos.  Thanks Bob Nelson   Want to know more?...Article Thanks John Searl!

late 1950's J1-A,1 CARBURETION, FISH/KENDIG B1-B,3 Variable Venturi The Fish/Kendig Variable Venturi carburetors get some very interesting mileage figures. The Fish carburetor even got into production on a small scale, but for some unknown reason, these carburetors fade away in the early 1960's. (see early 1970's) Want to know more?...Article US03752451 1973 Kendig variable venturi carburetor drawing. Want to know more?...Article US02801086 1957 J. R. Fish carburetor drawing.
1953 J1-A,26 CARBURETION, POGUE CARS Magazine states that in the opening months of 1936, Pogue panicked the Toronto stock exchange and threw fright into the major oil companies. Stock exchange offices & brokers were swamped with orders to dump all oil stock immediately. This same article states that Winnipeg's largest automobile dealers tested the POGUE carburetor and got results of up to 216.8 mpg! (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
Mid 1950's B1-B,3 CARBURETION, BASCLE, Pat.#US04257378Joseph Bascle got a Patent for an improved carburetor which was used on every car in the Yellow Cab fleet in Baton Rouge, NY. It raised mileage by 25% and decreased pollution by 45%. Want to know more?...Article US04257378 1981 drawing.
1953 J3-E,39 INTEGRATON, VAN TASSEL UFO Contact, George W. Van Tassel begins the construction project on the INTEGRATON machine in Yucca Valley, CA. Its' purpose is to rejuvenate the human physical frame. (Tom McGraw, deceased, told of sending a camera thru time at the Integratron and photographing dense vegetation of the PAST where, now, is only desert.) Want to know more?...Article "Introduction to the Integratron
Aug. 23, 1958 J3-A,91 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Spacecraft Convention, Pleasonton, CA: Panel discussion between Daniel W. Fry and the inventor of the OTC-X1 Flying Saucer, Otis T. Carr and Major Wayne S. Aho, formerly Army Combat Intelligence Officer during WWII. (see 5/5/60)
Mar. 9, 1959 J3-A,49 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Immediate News Release to ALL Media: OTC Enterprises announces plans to market kit plans to build a prototype model of the firm's projected spacecraft, the OTC-X1, said to be under construction now for launching later this year. Mr. Carr plans to launch a six-foot operating model in April in Oklahoma where it is now being built in field laboratories. (see 4/19/59;5/5/60)
Apr. 19,1959 J3-A,53 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR The OTC-X1 didn't fly for several reason today: Mr. Carr was in the hospital for eight days with lung hemorrhage. There is no indications of cancer, TB or other lung ailments. Also, in the preliminary pre-flight test the accumulator developed a leak which sprayed mercury all over the inside mechanism. "We don't plan to announce the next pre-flight test in advance", said Mr. Wayne S. Aho. (see 5/5/60)
Nov. 10, 1959 J3-A,19 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Pat.#US02912244Otis T. Carr gets a Patent for an "amusement device" (Flying Saucer). He claims that this actually demonstrates a workable space craft. Want to know more?...  Article US02912244 drawing.
Dec. 10, 1959 J2-D, J3-A,58 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Mr. Wayne Aopes to say, "take me to your leader, moon-man!" Mr. Aho announces plans to take the OTC-X1 to the moon at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 7, 1959. He will get there in 5 hours and orbit it for 7 days, then he will return to earth. The Carr space ship is 45 ft. in diam. and weighs 30 tons and is powered by electricity. Maj. Aho was formerly an Army Intelligence Officer who says he landed on Omaha Beach in Europe on D-Day and won the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for wounds received in the Battle of the Bulge. He claims to have seen 13 Flying Saucers in flight. (see 5/5/60)
May 5, 1960 J3-A,54 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Pat.#US02912244 Victorville, CA: First time ever in any newspaper: Otis Carr tells how his Flying Saucer, the OTC-X1, works. Carr developed his power plant for the saucer at the Osbrink Plant in Apple Valley. The OTC- X1 is described "as being two tops that spin in opposite directions around a single axis...The entire circular-foil craft that is Mr. Carr's most profound development, is an assembly of only two major moving mechanical parts." (see 3/9/59;1/61) Carr   Want to know more?...Article "Otis T. Carr & his Flying Machine" Thanks Jerry Decker
June 2, 1960 J3-A,57 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR Otis T. Carr told an "open house" audience of 300 people on Memorial Day that it is a "treacherous misstatement of fact to say or infer that we (OTC Enterprises) are coming to California to raise money in stock sales". Carr appeared to be planning to sell rights to build, sell or operate the OTC-X1 Flying Saucer he claims he'll be producing at the former Osbrink Plant. Thus Carr wouldn't be violating a federal injunction secured by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission ordering him to stop selling unregistered stock. (see 5/5/60)
Jan., 1961 J2-B,38 FLYING SAUCER, OTC-X1, CARR True Magazine labels Mr. Otis Carr and his OTC-X1 a hoax and a con- artist. Attorney General J. Lefkowitz is investigating him and Lefkowitz said that Mr. Carr has bilked $50,000 from various people in New York. (see 5/5/60)
1961 B1-A,31 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, HENDERSHOT, Dr. Ed Skilling, from Columbia University, successfully builds and test a HENDERSHOT free energy device, out of which he got 300 watts. Skilling had been associated with Hendershot and learned of the device thru him. The generator was self-resonant at 500 khz. (see 1925) Want to know more?...  Article "Assembly of the Hendershot basket weave Power Capture Unit." Thanks Craig Svenson.
May 2, 1961 J1-A,12 CARBURETION, SHELTON, Pat.#US02982528 Robert S. Shelton gets a Patent for a high mileage carburetor that he claims gives 8 to 10 times the mileage of a standard carburetor. Want to know more?...Article US02982528 images.
July 20,1961 J3-A,102 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, COLTON IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE: I, Norman Evans Colton (Director of Sales, O. T. Carr co.), do hereby declare under oath that I have perfected a machine to draw electricity from the atmosphere without the use of any fuel. The machine is operated entirely by environmental gravitic forces. A newly constructed "Colton-Gravity-Electric-Engine" has been installed at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, CA, where it may be seen, examined, evaluated and photographed.
1963 J3-B,51 BINDING METER, W.B. SMITH Wilbert B. Smith, founder and editor of "Topside" magazine, claims to have had contact with Aliens and to have found out the reason why there space ships have crashed. There are certain areas of this planet that are afflicted with "reduced binding". The 3 basic fields of nature that affect "binding" are tempic, electric and magnetic, all of which are non-linear in there reactions to each other. He claims to have developed a "binding meter" to measure these forces.
Dec. 26, 1966 J1-A,10 CARBURETION, SCHWARTZ, Pat.#US03294381 Harold Schwartz gets a Patent for a high mileage Vaporizer Carburetor that he claims to be 100% efficient with virtually no exhaust pollution. Want to know more?...Article US03294381 drawings.
1966 CANCER CURE, Dr. Wlm. F. Koch, and Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass Confronted by the FDA, both doctors are found murdered in 1966.
1968 J1-A,1 CARBURETION, FORD MOTOR CO. FORD MOTOR CO. begins experiments with an engine that has a new kind of combustion chamber. A 430 cub. inch is tested and runs very well on a 26:1 air/gas mixture. Estimate possible production by 1985. (see 1985)
Early 1970's B1-B,3 CARBURETION, KENDIG A young college student (name unknown), entered his Mercury "gas hog" in the California Air Pollution car race and won hands down. He was using the KENDIG Variable Venturi carburetor that a small company (name unknown), manufactured in Los Angeles for racing cars. Within a week the student was told to remove the carburetor since it wasn't approved by the Air Resources Board (ARB). His car had reduced pollution and doubled the gas mileage (for that model). (see late 1950's)
1970's B1-B,6 ALCOHOL The U.S. Army's Nalick Laboratories in Massachusetts discovered and developed certain fungi which could convert a wide variety of cellulose into the sugars necessary for producing alcohol. Using the fungi to reduce paper scrap, they could produce 65 gals. of high grade alcohol from one ton of scrap. Want to know more?...Article DOE 1982 publication #5046267.
1971 ANTI-GRAVITY, Henry Wallace US03626605, US03626606, US03823570Patents awarded to Henry Wm Wallace for "anti-gravity" technology. Want to know more?...Article Thanks Robert Stirniman. Want to know more?...Article US03626605 diagrams.
1972 J3-E,16 OTEC, NASA NASA Report on OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion): "Tapping the energy of the Gulf Stream could supply all the electrical energy needs of the US as far ahead as 1985 with only three-tenths of a degree reduction in the temperature of the great warm ocean river. This reduction may be beneficial as it would slightly offset the ocean's thermal pollution due to other uses." Want to know more?...Article What is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion?
Apr. 4, 1972 J1-A,6 CARBURETION, TUCKER, Pat.#US03653643 Oliver M. Tucker gets a Patent for a high mileage Vaporizer Carburetion System. This is the basic type that La Pan used as mentioned in Mechanics Illustrated. (see 1974) Want to know more?...Article US03653643 drawings.
1973 J1-A,1 CARBURETION, SHELL OIL CO. At the Annual SHELL OIL Companies employees contest, a highly modified 1959 Opel sets the record with 376.59 mpg at Wood River, IL.
1974 B1-B,3 CARBURETION, DRESSERATOR Dresser Company SELLS OUT to Holley Carburetor and FORD MOTOR CO. Lester Berriman spent 5 years designing and testing the "Dresserator" carburetor for Dresser Co. which used a super-accurate mixture control to obtain a 22:1 mixture. Pollution standards were passed along with a typical gain of 18% mpg.
May, 1974 B1-B,6 GAS/WATER ADDITIVE John Andrews, a Portugese chemist, demonstrated a water to gas additive before Navy officials which allowed ordinary water to be added to gasoline without decreasing the combustibility of the gas and would drive the cost of gasoline down to 2 cents per gallon. When Navy officials finally went to his lab to negotiate for the formula, they found Andrews missing and his lab ransacked.
Mid 1970's B1-B,3 CARBURETION, FRANCH, KRAFT Guido F. Franch demonstrates a water-to-gas miracle to the chemists at HAVOLINE Chemical Co., MI, and to the University of Michigan. Using a "green powder" starting agent derived from soaking coal in a liquid (unnamed), he cold make water operate a car better than gasoline. He said he learned this process from a coal miner named Alexander Kraft over 50 years before.
1974 J1-A,1 CARBURETION, La Pan An article from Mechanics Illustrated about "Humidifier type fuel systems" tells of a man by the name of La Pan who claims to get from 60 to 100 mpg with his system. Mechanics Illustrated
July, 1974 J3-C,43 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, EVGRAY Pat.#3890548 The L.A. District Attorney, acting under orders from the "Top", raids Ed Gray's assembly plant and confiscated his prototype generator as well as his plans and records, brought numerous false charges against him, and defied all attempts by Gray's lawyers to get the confiscated materials returned. Gray's opponents have driven him into bankruptcy. (see 6/17/75)
Apr. 22, 1975 B1-A,26 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, ECKLIN, Pat.#3879622 John W. Ecklin, of Alexandria, VA, gets a patent for a FREE ENERGY generator that is powered by 2 kw and delivers 12 kw output.
June 17,1975 B1-A,4-23 ENGINE, FREE ENERGY, EDWIN GRAY, Pat.#3890548 Edwin V. Gray, of Evgray Enterprises, Van Nuys, CA, gets a Patent for a FREE ENERGY automobile engine. The engine starts off of two car batteries and once it gets going, it recharges the batteries and powers the car. Unfortunately, Evgray Ent. has become embroiled in a controversy with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), which is unrelated to the engine itself but has halted the development of the engine. (see 1975)
1975 B1-A,4 ENGINE, FREE ENERGY Governor Ronald Reagan, of California, gave a special commendation to Edwin Gray, of Van Nuys, CA, for his Patent of a FREE ENERGY automobile engine. (see 6/17/75)
Aug. 12, 1975 B1-A,51 GENERATOR, FREE ENERGY, KINNISON, Pat.#US03899703 Robert W. Kinnison of Fort Collins, CO, gets a Patent for a FREE ENERGY generator which offers a hope for a fuelless economy. His design resembles ECKLIN'S generator. (see 4/22/75)
Sep. 18, 1975 J2-F, J3-F,48 Joseph C. Yater invents an Heat-to-Electricity converter that he says will cost the consumer approx. $200 and would be up to 90% efficient. The device operates by capturing "fluctuation voltage" (static noise heard on radios and amplifiers). The rooftop device would be heated by the sun and use millions of microcircuits to tap the freed electrons from heated molecules. Yater took his device to the Government, which declared that his device had "real potential". After being promised a working model within 6 months by the Gov't., they came back to him with the reply that the device would be impractical.
1976 J1-A,1 CARBURETION A modified Ford Pinto equipped with a turbocharged Nissan diesel engine is tested and gets up to 80 mpg.
1977 J1-A,1 CARBURETION  Pat.#US04177779 Tom Ogle of El Paso, TX, claims to have gotten 100 mpg on a 1970 Ford Galaxy with a V-8 engine. The Ford used only 2 gals. of gas on a trip from El Paso, TX, to Demming, NM, roundtrip! His Vapor Fuel System eliminates the carburetor and has no exhaust pollution emission! (see 1981) Want to know more?...Article  US04177779 drawing.
July 26, 1977 J3-D,29 WEATHER CONTROL, CONSTABLE Trevor James Constable aims his Weather Control Machine at the cloud system near Palm Springs, CA, and created a coastal cooling during an excessive heat spell. He also produced record rains for Utah in the worst drought stricken area of the United States. He successfully completed other Weather Divergence plans and notified the Federal Government of these plans as required by Federal Regulations.
1978 CANCER CURE, Rene Caisse Rene cured patients of cancer, using herbs. After her death in 1978, all of her records in her house were destroyed.
Apr. 2, 1978 J3-E,21 ELF WAVES A man-made standing columnar ELF wave collapsed at Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada, today. This conclusion was reached after an analysis done by the Dept. of Geology at Memorial University of Newfoundland and with senior officials of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. Affects of this wave collapse were: Power lines were vaporized. A power surge was reported. A voltage regulator was fused. All fuses leading to the local power company's transformer melted, yet the transformer escaped unscathed. Ball lightning was seen, rumbling and humming Want to know more?...Article (ELF Waves and) Total Population Control. Want to know more?...Article Waveguide. Thanks R. Bedard
1978 J1-A,1 CARBURETION The Flex Gas Vaporizer (as advertised in national magazines) and sells for a reasonable price, claims to double gas mileage on most any car and gets 110 mpg on some!
Sept. 3, 1978 US04188580J3-E, 32 SCRAMBLER DEVICE, Patent applied for but REFUSED. U.S. Government Agency Restricts CB Radio & Telephone Privacy device: Four inventors, Carl Nicolai, William Raike, Carl Quale and David L. Miller of Seattle, WA, developed a device to prevent eavesdropping on CB radio and telephone transmissions for nonmilitary, nongovernmental use. The NSA was quick to issue a secrecy order against them. This means they may not talk about the invention in any detail without risking a jail term! The order was received six months after a patent was filed for the device. "Your application...has been found to contain subject matter, the unauthorized disclosure of which might be detrimental to national security," wrote the Patent Office. (This appears to be part of a general plan to limit the privacy of the American people.) Want to know more?...Article US04188580 drawings.
1979 J1-A,1 CARBURETION Ralph Moody, Jr., of Oak Hill, FL, gets 84 mpg from his modified Ford Capri which has been equipped with a turbocharged 4 cylinder Perkins diesel engine.

Apr. 24, 1979 B1-A,59 MOTOR, FREE ENERGY, JOHNSON, Pat.#US04151431 Howard R. Johnson gets a Patent for a FREE ENERGY motor that starts itself and would deliver 5 kw from permanent magnets. (see Spring, 1980) Want to know more?...Article US04151431 drawings.

Spring, 1980 B1-A,59 MOTOR, FREE ENERGY, JOHNSON Science and Mechanics magazine interview regarding the JOHNSON FREE ENERGY motor: When asked if he (Johnson) thought that the load on his motor might drain the magnetic spin (of the electrons) he replied, "I didn't start the electron spins and I don't know anyway to stop them - do you?" The Johnson Permanent Motor is one of the most promising possibilities in the world of "Free Energy". It is simple to construct and yields high output. (see 4/24/79)  Want to know more?...Article Science & Mechanics, 1980. Want to know more?...Article Open sourcing the Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor technology.

Sep. 11, 1980 J-3J,4 RADIONICS A-9 CHARLES WHITEHOUSE Norfolk, VA: Lawyer Charles E. Poston decided he had the "right" to "judge" Dr. Charles Whitehouse, of Virginia Beach, VA and revoke his chiropractic license on the grounds he was practicing medicine outside the scope of his chiropractic profession. Guilty?... He was helping many people FREE OF CHARGE, and especially helping mentally retarded children with color therapy and radionics. Whitehouse is on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Psychotronics Assoc. and is an expert Radionics Operator. Even the U.S. Navy has purchased one of his radionics inventions for tracking submarines. Whitehouse was giving away approx. $200,000 in treatments a year. (see 12/80) (see 1/7/81) Want to know more?...Article Section: United States Psychotronic Association.
1980 J1-A,27 CARBURETION, POGUE Mr. Arthur C. Sgrignoli, after 45 yrs., has built a legendary POGUE carburetor by hand and is said to have achieved an efficiency of 86%. Contact was made thru his brother, William J. Sgrignoli. (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
Dec., 1980 J-3J,5;A-9 RADIONICS Norfolk Circuit Court, VA: Dr. Whitehouse won his appeal and was awarded his chiropractic license back. (see 9/11/80)

Dec. 1980 ANTI-GRAVITY, COOK USO4238968. Robert Cook gets a patent for "converting centrifugal force to linear force." Want to know more?...Article USO4238968 drawings. Want to know more?...Article CIP home page by Robert Cook.

Jan. 7, 1981 J-3J,5;A-9 RADIONICS Virginia State Supreme Court, VA: The lower courts' decision is reversed and Dr. Charles Whitehouse's' chiropractic license is again revoked. Whitehouse will again be going to court in March, 1981. (see 1/7/81) (see 12/80)
Jan. , 1981 J1-A,29 POGUE, Charles N. As of January, Charles N. Pogue is still alive at age 81 and is living in a rest home in Winnipeg, Canada. He refuses to talk to anyone or to receive visitors from outside his own family. (see 1/7/36)  (See 1981, Ultra-Lean carburetors)
1981 J-3J,8 TESLA EXPERIMENTER, ROBERT GOLKA Wendover, UT: Robert Golka, a well-know Tesla researcher, has been victimized by an attack on his workshop which has, for years, been in a deactivated Air Force hanger. His high powered energy tower outside the hanger has been partially destroyed. A witness said insulators and sections of the tower were laying around the base. In the mean time the rent on the Air Force hanger has been raised 1000 percent! These new difficulties now threaten to bring an end to his research with Tesla devices.
1981 J-3J,8 SUPER PAINT Research funded by Naval Air Systems Command has come up with a polished film paint that will reflect 98% of the energy directed at it by a high energy laser beam weapon thus making Star Wars obsolete.
1981 J-3J,16 CANCER CURE DOCTOR ARRESTED Buenos Aires, Argentina: Carlos Jerez has been jailed because he had healed 13,000 cases of cancer, including terminal cases. Jerez used a maser whose electric output was polarized through an artificial blue sapphire crystal. He also invented a computerized tomographer that detected and indicated the missing chemical elements in the diseased body. His equipment and properties were seized by the secret police and totally destroyed. All of his medical records were confiscated by the Servicio de Informaciones del Estado (SIDE) and his records are being kept by the Secret Police. He is incarcerated at the Prison of San Pedro, 250 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Want to know more?...Article (in Spanish)
1981 J1-A,29 CARBURETION, POGUE ULTRA-LEAN CARBURETORS of Northridge, CA, is selling a set of plans for the POGUE carburetor for $50.  (see 1/7/36) Want to know more?...Article FREE from REX RESEARCH. Thanks Bob
1981 J1-A,28-29 CARBURETION, WALLACE Allan Wallace's experimental carburetor gets 30 mpg at a speed of 55 mph for 60 miles. Want to know more?...Article "The Secret Super High Mileage Report" FREE eBook. Thanks Bruce
1981 J1-A,29 CARBURETION, SHELL MOTOR OIL CO. At Sell Motor Oil Mileage Marathon, Great Britain, a new world record is set at 1368 mpg on a specially built three-wheeler with a 90cc engine using the "sprint & coast" method.
1981 J1-A,29 CARBURETION, OGLE Tom Ogle SOLD OUT his high mileage carburetor to ADVANCE FUEL SYSTEMS of Seattle, WA, for $250,000 while still retaining 20% interest in his device that got 100 mpg on a 1970 Ford. (see 1977)
1983 WATER CARBURETOR, CELLA Carl Cella builds an water carburetor from surplus aviation parts and mounts in his 1979 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Runs fine, with no exhaust pollution. He is told by DOE agents if he tried to sell pre-built units, he'd have a lot of "problems". Want to know more?...Article Carl Cella hydrogen car. Thanks Josef Hasslberger
1985 J1-A,1 CARBURETION Well, the 1968 FORD MOTOR CO. high-mileage carburetor (26:1) isn't on the market yet. I wonder what happened? (see 1968)
1993, AIDS CURE, Steven Kaali US05188738 Want to know more?...Article "HIV & Virus attenuation by blood electrification." US05188738 drawings. Want to know more?...Article "HIV & Virus attenuation by blood electrification."
Nov. 1997 ANTI-GRAVITY, RICHARD FOSTER US05685196. Foster gets patent for inertial propulsion device. Want to know more?...Article US05685196 drawings.

May 1998 ANTI-GRAVITY, DAVID COWLISHAW. Dave publishes the "GIT Theory of Gravity." Want to know more?...Article Thanks David Eugene Cowlishaw

Misc. research & rumors:

1. The mixed chemical stone found in England and secretized by the Queen.? It generated its' own electrical sparks.

2. The Alexander Patent (#US03913004) claims 3 watts out for 1 watt in. J-3J,15

3. Demonstrations by S. Seike (now deceased) at the Germany Symposium of Gravitational Field J-3J,13 SEIKE Energy. (Nov. 27, 1980)

Want to know more?...Article "Unconventional", suppressed, dormant, or emerging sciences, technologies, inventions, theories, therapies. Thanks Bob Nelson. (1982? Yep, I was getting articles in the snail-mail from Bob before there were home computers!)

Want to know more?...Article More history on Suppressed Inventions. Thanks Byron !

Want to know more?...Article Action to Declassify Secret Energy Patents. Thanks Drunvalo Melchizedek

Want to know more?...Article Energy Suppression, an Invisible Galaxy of Inventions. Thanks Christopher Bird. (deceased 1996?)

Want to know more?...Article Energy Technology. Thanks Josef Hasslberger

Want to know more?...Article The World has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth. Things are not as they appear to be. Thanks Vitamin City.

Want to know more?...Article Suppression from Higher Up. Inventors Beware! Thanks Erik Masen.


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