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Dennis Lee

In 1999 Dennis Lee did did a "Technology Tour" Show in 47 States demonstrating a variety of technologies. The star of the show was the Hummingbird motor, which he demonstrated producing 5 times more power (meaured in torque on a dynometer) than the electricity supplied measured electrically. The rest of the power provided was harnessed by the clever finessing of permanent magnets.

Then in 2001 a show was done in all 50 States demonstrating the 100% efficient magnetic Sundance Generator. People who came to these free shows saw:

  • The 100% efficient Sundance permanent magnet generator tested and proven.

  • A video of a car engine running and powered by birdseed, or any other biomass. Bill Bachelor, the inventor of this technology modified a postal truck which traveled 25,000 miles using only a 60 Lb. bag of corn for fuel.

  • Environmentally supportive technologies used to grow live nutritious food in abundance.
  • Water flowing up hill without the aid of a mechanical device.
  • Water converted to water gas was used to cut through very thick steel in a manner that resulted in a cleaner cut and costing less than conventional gas cutting technologies. Brown's Gas or "R-Gas" is the only gas in the world that implodes rather than explodes.
  • Proof that transmutation of the nucleus of an atom, turning one element into another is absolutely possible, and proving that the alchemists were right. Similar technology that could neutralize radioactive waste, was demonstrated for audiences at every show.

  • Proof that permanent magnets can do work without any other energy input. Watch metal balls rolling uphill on the "Case For Free Electricity" video available here.

  • A One Horse Power AC motor powered by a mere 9 volt battery. This is supposed to be impossible, but it's quite possible when the motor is correctly wound.

  • Fuel consisting of equal parts of pickle juice, soda pop, water, sugar, crude oil or old transmission gear oil, gas, soy sauce, even urine, and perfume running an internal combustion engine with no pollution in the exhaust.

  • The running of a second modified internal combustion engine in the room closed loop with no exhaust. This is a thing physicists will say is impossible.

  • Live electricity being sent through the air without any wires - more efficiently than it can be done with wires.

  • Demonstrations of astounding magnetic materials & magnetic phenomenon.
  • Demonstrated environmentally friendly bugs that eats oil even three inches into the pores of concrete to clean floors, and can easily clean out grease traps. Clean up greasy shop floors effortlessly.

  • Showed how to inexpensively turn a dusty road or driveway into a concrete hard surface to eliminate dust and mud.

  • Washing clothes without the need to buy any laundry detergent or the use of phosphates ever again.
  • How they could grow a garden with cabbages as big as pumpkins & 500 tomatoes on one plant with no need for pesticides.
  • A  jack hammer that operates without noise or vibration. A quarter stays on top of it while it breaks concrete.

  • Ocean buoy that can make over two million gallons yearly of fresh water from the ocean turning sea water into fresh at absolutely no operating cost using the waves of the ocean as the only power source.
  • Tornado Engine capable of harnessing the awesome power of a tornado.

  • Neutrino Circuit lighting bulbs, producing electricity even under ground without wires or a generator.

  • Explosive proof mesh keeps tanks of gas, propane, or chemicals from exploding. You cannot explode a lined gas tank. Carry a gas can full of gas in your car safely.
  • A truly flat-less tire that will never go flat even with nails or ice picks stuck in it for the life of the tire! It is pneumatic, but never goes flat or needs filling. We call it the free parking tire.

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