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Will it take a Massive Free Electricity Demonstration to End Technology Suppression?

In order to prevent free electricity and other revoluontionary technologies from coming forward, inventors have been bought off, threatened off, sued off, or killed.

For this reason Dennis Lee believed a large scale demonstration of free electriicty in football stadiums was the way to bring revolutionary technology to the public.

The media reports only what it's owners want reported, so if you think mainstream media is unbiased then "The Matrix Has You".

A Public Awareness Kit can Help:

The videos in our Public Awareness Kit can provide insight on your journey of discovery into suppressed revolutionary technologies.

By thinking positively about revolutinary technologies and by anticipating the advantages they offer, you'll help bring them to fruition.

If "The Matrix Has You" then by getting a Public Awareness Kit you'll be taking the Red Pill.


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Tesla Symposium Books

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