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QuestThe History of Dennis Lee's Quest
to Bring you Free Electricity

The last time Dennis Lee advertised a working model was in 1987. This prototype cost over $400,000 to build.

His door was kicked in by police. The unit and all of their other equipment, research, and records were confiscated.

Dennis Lee was wrongly accused of fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy, etc.

The unit couldn't be found by the government for demonstration in court.

Dennis successfully proved to the court's satisfaction, by producing experts who had worked on the project, that the device could fulfill their claims.

Later Dennis was cleared on all charges with one to be resolved.

Then as Dennis was doing an incredibly successful advertising campaign, he was put in prison without the benefit of a trial, ostensibly for not filling out what is essentially a vending machine operator form.  It's fairly sure that this action was meant to show him how powerful they are.  The criminal cabal running the government doesn't need to convict you of a crime, and they can just decide to throw you in prison and leave you there without a conviction if it suits them.

He managed to get the LTPC (Low Temperature Phase Change) unit back years later. The unit was dented and rusted and unworkable at that time.

Most of the other products being developed were never recovered.

You can find out more about that story with copies of court transcripts, newspaper articles, etc. by reading the book "The Alternative" in the "Public Awareness Kit"

Here's a footnote:
Alexander Graham Bell was prosecuted for fraud for trying to raise capital to manufacture telephone equipment. The prosecution claimed that carrying voices over wires was impossible and no one would want such a device as a telephone anyway.

You might think attorney generals would learn something from that fiasco and not prosecute anyone for anything similar.

Not too many years later, "Lee DeForest said in many newspapers and over his signature that it would be possible to transmit the human voice across the Atlantic very soon.

"Based on these absurd and deliberately misleading statements, the misguided public ... has been persuaded to purchase stock in his company."

This was said by a U.S. District Attorney, prosecuting American inventor Lee DeForest for selling stock fraudulently through the mail for his Radio Telephone Company (1913)

The Wright Brothers were derided as frauds for years after they were regularly doing flying demonstrations. The reporters, scholars and critics refused to attend the demonstrations, since they knew heavier than air flight was impossible.

One of the better biographies of the Wright Brothers was written by Fred C. Kelly as an apology for calling them frauds and refusing to attend the demonstrations.

Historically, the government prosecuted Tucker (See the movie with Jeff Bridges on video.), who tried to introduce a new and better car, with safety glass, disc brakes, seat belts and other innovations.

In the courtroom scene, the Judge forbid anyone to look out the windows to see the cars the government said did not exist.

Galileo tried unsuccessfully to get the most respected scholar of his day, Cesare Creminino, to look through a telescope to see the moon was not a perfect sphere with no mountains. All of the scholars of the day knew the moon and all the heavenly bodies were perfect spheres because it was taught by Aristotle.  Creminino replied that if he saw any such thing it would be because the telescope had bewitched him.

Galileo had to recant his observations in order not to be burned alive.

Giordano Bruno was burned alive for refusing to recant his statements that the earth circled the sun and that the earth was not the center of the universe.

Regulators love to ban or burn anything that they do not understand, and they don't understand very much.

Now, you have a choice. You can join the ranks of those who refuse to look... Or you can look and see for yourself what's what and who's who with the Public Awareness Kit.

Then decide for yourself on the risk/reward ratio of keeping your package and receiving ten registrations for 26,000 kWh of free home electricity annually as a bonus.

Some very good scientists have also been stone blind to possibilities. Doubting is so much fun. Besides, everyone knows... "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
-Albert Einstein

"There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will."
Albert Einstein

"Fooling around with alternating current is just a waste of time.  Nobody will use it, ever."
Thomas Edison, 1889

"X-rays are a hoax."
-Lord Kelvin, engineer and physicist (c. 1900)

Now, the choice is yours. Look or not.

When you choose to be an innovator or inventor, you must take a mind set like this: "We will persist until we succeed. We will not be daunted by theories that would limit us. We will not be daunted by failures and broken schedules. We will fail our way towards success. We will persist until we succeed and nothing will prevail against our success!"

Unfortunately, it is difficult to differentiate between someone with the necessary mind set for success and a lunatic. Still, in the long run, it may be more rewarding to invest universally in the lunatics than universally in the academics and professional naysayers.

Please, join me and my fellow lunatics in the pursuit of invention and innovation, with abundance and freedom for the world.

Is Dennis Lee a Scamster as Some Claim?

Certainly there are those on the internet who would have you believe that Dennis Lee is a con man. They also make statements that Dennis Lee wants you to believe there is some big conspiracy to stop him from revolutionizing the energy field, as if big business doing that should be hard to believe.

If you don't believe that big business would use any means possible to keep someone from putting them out of the trillion dollar polluting business, then this essay will be a waste of your time. Don't bother reading further, just go ahead and conclude whatever you wish.

If you know that there are self interest groups who would stop at nothing to prevent an energy revolution, then it's probably not necessary to read this.

For those who are between those two positions, this essay will, as briefly as possible, try to give you something to think about.

Let's address the legal struggles...

Dennis Lee has been arrested dozens of times. He spent, in total, a year of his life in jail awaiting trials, but has never had a trial.

Usually the case is dropped before trial. In the entire 20 year history of the UCSA dealership network, Dennis was convicted of a crime once in a plea bargain where the prosecutor gave up the chance of putting Mr. Lee in prison for 9 years for his agreeing not to do business with any resident of Kentucky for two years.

How strong do you think that prosecutor's case was to trade so much for so little? How badly did the State of Kentucky want Mr. Lee not to do business in Kentucky?

That conviction was for failing to register to sell a business opportunity in Kentucky, even though none was sold there. California State had tried to get the same conviction over a dozen years earlier in 1988.

They also tried for criminal fraud. They ended up dismissing all criminal code charges, and agreeing to let the higher courts decide to convict or free Dennis Lee.

In outright violation of that agreement, all of the higher courts refused to rule one way or the other and that somehow (although it did not legally convict Dennis Lee) landed Dennis Lee in a California prison for two years.

The action went before the US Supreme Court where, in a precedent setting case, they did something they had never done before or since. The united states Supreme court (months after it was too late for California to respond to Mr. Lee's petition) actually ordered the State of California to object to the suit.

You can see that historic letter with your own eyes as an exhibit in Mr. Lee's book, "The Alternative". Then the highest court in the land declined to review the case because there was a difference of opinion (that they had promoted.) They could not take their precious time to prevent a kidnapping of a citizen in California.

There is an association called the NAAG (National Association of Attorney's General.)

They have a periodic hotline, and Dennis Lee has been the topic for the day on more than one occasion.

There was sworn testimony in the Kentucky case that Dennis Lee had been the subject of at least one full two hour hotline conversation of the NAAG.

The question was "How can we work together to stop him?" One third of all the Attorney's General in the United States have brought some sort of action against Dennis Lee.

It's always based upon consumer protection, although there's never a victim or a complaint involved in any of these actions.

The State of Vermont recently got a summary judgment because Mr. Lee would not give them discovery to prove his products are good, because the court refused to make them agree they would not share the information with other Attorney Generals outside of their state or try to destroy Mr. Lee's business relationships with his suppliers.

For that reason there was no trial, and the court awarded them a summary judgment that is currently being appealed to the higher courts in Vermont. The award was for $60,000 as a consumer protection issue.

To this day, not one product of Mr. Lee or his business has ever been sold in the State of Vermont. What were they trying to protect consumers from?

At the same time that Vermont brought their case, Maine, Washington State, and Alaska brought the same case. There were no complaints or victims in any of these cases, and the paperwork in each state was copied from each other.

That was very fortunate for Dennis Lee, because they all absent-mindedly brought the case against Mr. Lee Personally and failed to bring it against the companies... OOPS!

When you copy someone make sure they have it right! The first one was Washington State. They did the little Summary Judgment thing and got their court to give them the judgment without a trial because Dennis Lee was not cooperating in giving them Discovery (whatever they asked for) even though all Mr. Lee ever asked for was to have the information be protected and not widely distributed to AGs in other states.

So, Washington State got around $80,000 awarded, even though their were never any complaints from even one Washington State consumer. There was a summary judgment hearing with no notice to Dennis Lee, although a secretary said she mailed it.

Then they sent notice of their victory to Dennis Lee's lawyer who was undergoing surgery at the time.

It took months for her to heal and she did not even know they had gotten a Summary Judgment, so we lost our chance to appeal by the time she came back to work.

Believe it or not, we could not get an extension from the higher court. They tried to collect from the companies and they soon discovered their error. They had no action against the companies. No problem, surely Dennis Lee (con man extraordinaire) has lots of assets. Wrong again, Dennis is not doing any of this for the sake of money and anyone who's worked with him as a dealer for the sake of the project knows this.

So, all the states who copied each other (including the process of getting a Summary Judgment) have the same problem now. What a shame. If they win the case and all the appeals they still get nothing. Maine settled early for $5,000 and the absolute agreement that we will not allow anyone in Maine to have a free electricity machine... even when it is proven to work!

Let's hope the Maine AG has no political aspirations if this project does succeed. The Idaho AG stepped into the same trap Maine did. That could be a real career breaker when we tell the residents there that they cannot have what has just been proven nationwide because their AG refused to let them be included.

Of course they could get rid of the people involved in that decision, apologize and make nice, and we might reverse our position and let them have non polluting energy.

Oregon State was the only one who did it right. But, the problem there was that they put a judge on the case who hated Mr. Lee. In court it became obvious that was the case, and the conviction he gave Mr. Lee was over turned on appeal. When they reopened the case the judge was recused.

They just did not have the heart to get back into it and settled for $500 a week with NO admission of guilt on Mr. Lee's part and no real restrictions on the companies, as did Washington State. You will hear in the internet that there is an action in Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona, and probably a few other states are listed.

The big claim is that New Mexico got a "Restraining Order" against Mr. Lee, by Golly (as did Arizona.) Of course this is a deliberate misrepresentation to deceive you! It is actually fraudulent. If we did that, we actually could go to jail, but it's ok for law enforcement to twist the truth as long as they are trying to get a "bad guy" off the streets.

The "Restraining Order" was a "temporary Restraining Order." They left that one word out. It was issued in 2001 when Mr. Lee was bringing his show to New Mexico.

He sold nothing at his show, but the AG got a judge to temporarily restrain him from selling anything at the show. In other words, in 2001, when the show was over, the "Restraining Order" was also over.

The same thing happened in Arizona and Mississippi on that same tour. These guys forget to mention that it was only temporary and that it kept Dennis Lee from doing something he had no intentions of doing anyway.

It sure makes good press, though. Tennessee got a lick in during the 1999 tour. They brought a charge of violating the securities statutes. It got resolved in a settlement in which there was no admission of guilt, and Dennis Lee agreed to continue not violating the securities statutes in Tennessee.

Dennis Lee was under the impression that no one was allowed to violate the statutes, so what did the Tennessee AG really get? -- The impression that something really happened there and that consumers were protected.

If you doubt any of this just have your illustrious Attorney General give you a copy of his or her file, and see it for yourself.

Welcome to Consumer Protection in America! In all the legal battles that Dennis Lee has fought, it has cost our side close to a million dollars to have defended against victimless charges. It also is the basis for all sort of loss of credibility and, thus, public support for a project that is in the interest of the very public that is being deceived.

Imagine what it must have cost the people of these states, but all these champions of Consumer Protection have set themselves up to collect less than $50,000 in total fines, even with the one sided courts on their side.

These consumer advocate traitors have unlimited taxpayer money with which to abuse the very businesses that are actually looking out for the interests of the consumer.

In truth they are really looking out for the big businesses who get them elected.

Why would any of these people be bragging about their run ins with Dennis Lee?

Why would this track record be misrepresented to make Dennis Lee look like a man who is a vicious law breaker?

When the truth is known which party (or parties) should be ashamed?

Are the American people expected to be so stupid that they think all the law enforcement agencies of this country are unable to convict Dennis, even though he's supposedly as evil and terrible as his critics would have you believe?

How incompetent do you believe these officials are?

The problem is, there's nothing to prosecute. They have searched hard for decades to find something, and violated much of the justice system themselves in the process. Dennis Lee's track record with the law should be considered an endorsement.

It is obvious that the law is being used to keep this free electricity technology from getting to the people. And, they are using the People's money to do it.

One AG actually put it in writing. He wrote a fellow law enforcement agency (thinking we would never see the letter) that "Dennis Lee is very hard to pursue. He is the worst kind of criminal. He tip toes on the line of breaking the law, but, since he never goes over it and actually breaks the law, we had to pursue him in another manner."

You can see that letter also as an exhibit in the book, "The Alternative." You'd think that a criminal would at least have the decency to break the law, wouldn't you?

It's easy to misrepresent the facts and give a false impression. Especially when the hearer cannot take the time to discover the truth.

If truth is important to you, I think it is time for you to discover how these traitors operate. There is more at stake than whether or not Dennis Lee is a con man. If they do this to stop Lee from giving us what they all say they want (a clean environment, energy independence, low cost energy) what else are these traitors, with the trust of the public, abusing their privilege to keep from the people?

Freedom of the press belongs to its owners...

This is betrayal of trust of the first order. People believe the press is a safe guard, while it is really a protection for big business.

Over the span of 20 plus years, Dennis Lee has been called a con man, liar, fraud, scamster, religious nut, and everything but a patriot by the secular press.

He has never heard or read a story about himself or the project that told the truth.

Of course they use the fact that he was in prison and is being hunted by the AGs as their foundation for their fraudulent stories. They also never tell the whole story.

The hard questions never get asked, like, how does a man on a million dollar bail for fraud get released on his own recognizance even before there is a trial?

Why did no one report it when he proved in a court of law that he could make free electricity and the judge dropped all the criminal charges?

Why did the US Supreme Court order the State of California to object to his suit after California had chosen to default?

Why are none of them interested in the story about the waste of taxpayer's money for State AGs to pursue nothing?

Why has no media ever covered the fact that thousands of technical people measured the technology on stage in public demonstrations in which Dennis Lee in national publications invited anyone to come and measure for themselves?

Why wont' the media show footage of us running an engine with no exhaust... or powered by pickle juice, pepsi, coke, and all sorts of liquids?

Why doesn't the media send a technical expert to one of the shows and measure the equipment?

Why do they always interview an expert who never saw, much less measure the performance of the devices?

Why do they selectively only show carefully edited excerpts from the shows that make Dennis Lee sound like a religious nut and never show any of the demonstrations that prove the people are being lied to by the energy businesses?

Why doesn't the whole national media (or any competitor) pick up on it when one show like Good Morning America does an expose?

Why have none of the talk show hosts wanted to interview such a controversial figure?

Why has no magazine like Popular science or Mechanics Illustrated ever been willing to do a story?

How come the media never tells anyone that Mr. Lee has contractually obligated himself to give ALL the profits ever made from the project to the church?

The primary modus operandi of the media is not to give Dennis too much press, because all press is, in a sense, good. Most of the slander has been done on a local level and, always just before he is scheduled to do a show in town.

The idea is to destroy the turn out and cost us lots of money for nothing. Usually a Sheriff or AG will come on the evening news a few nights in a row before the scheduled show. The Sheriff will be telling everyone that Dennis Lee is a bad guy and for them not to go to the show. They tell you that Dennis Lee is a convicted felon and a known scamster.

Who knows why people fall for this.

Then the Sheriff does not even come to the show to arrest Dennis, because he knows Dennis will be doing nothing wrong.

Or they'll have an "expert" Physics professor from the local college appear on the news and tell everyone that free electricity is not possible and not to go to the show.

Of course at the show we let technical people measure the input verses the output, but Mr. know-it-all is not there, because he knows he'll have nothing to say when it's proven to do what we say it does.

They did their job by merely discouraging attendance. The media gives them a soapbox and they contribute their own credibility.

The media always wants to interview Dennis on tape so they can creatively edit it later. That way they can make him say whatever they want.

Dennis Lee will not do any interviews with television media that are not done live on the air.

Good Morning America did an 8 minute segment about the four hour show we did, and it will reveal to anyone what their goal was if you watch the 8 minute critique and then watch the four hour show itself. What they thought was important to cover tells the story. That experience will leave no doubt in anyone's mind what the media is up to.

The tour had 20 shows remaining when the story ran with no attempt to have an expert come to any of the remaining shows and actually test the devices on stage.

They do a "balanced" and fair story. That means they ask a Doctor of Physics who says (although he has never even seen what we are claiming) that it is impossible, and then for balance, they interview an uneducated man (as inarticulate as possible) who tells why he believes it will happen. The Gladiators perfected this concept in early Rome.

Of course the BBB (Big Business Bureau) has gone to a lot of trouble to make people believe they are honest so they got a chance to get their digs in.

Most people do not know that they are just a business protection racket. Rumor has it that they were started by the mob. If you are a member, they help you make your customers satisfied by making the customer feel good about any settlement offered by their member. They help the business who pays them and just report the facts about the other ones who are not paying.

If you are not a member you do not have an advocate with your complaining customer. They supposedly just report the facts of whether or not there are any complaints. But, in special cases they go way beyond their normal procedure.

We had never had a complaint anywhere, nation wide, yet the BBB did not pass that information on and stop there. Sure, we had never had a complaint, BUT, did you know the President of the company has gone to prison?

He is claiming to be able to make free electricity and experts tell us that is impossible. Many Attorney Generals are after this man. It goes on and on... They even lie and tell people that it costs $275 to attend our (FREE) seminars and all sorts of outright lies!

People who merely inquire about our record are put down now as COMPLAINTS. Their lies are outrageous. The sad part is that the people have often believed them.

A listen to the two hour long interview between Dennis Lee and the reporter from Forbes magazine prior to the recent hatchet job in that magazine would be very eye opening for anyone who is willing to take the time to listen to it.

Reporters start out with an agenda. If they do not, their editor has one. In Los Angeles in 1990, Dennis Lee's nationally famous lawyer held a press conference on the court house steps of the Federal Building to announce our suit against law enforcement in Ventura. He told Dennis, "They always come to my press conferences." We had sworn testimony that law enforcement had threatened witnesses and all sort of goodies for the press.

Although all the papers, all TV News stations, and all radio news were notified for all of the greater LA area, not one reporter showed up. One came by on another story and told us she had asked to cover our story and was told by the editor they forbid any reporter from coming.

The experts all agree...

The media always interviews an expert in physics who claims it is impossible for Dennis Lee to make a "perpetual motion machine" as if he has ever said it was possible to do so.

The Amazing Randi (a man accused of pedophilia, and recently recognized by some Christian publications as an authority on Dennis) offers a million dollar reward for anyone who can demonstrate a perpetual motion machine. He says if I had one I would take him up on that offer. No one can win that offer. It is like looking for a cup full of nothing, or a completely dark lit room. That's a pretty safe bet somewhat like offering a reward for anyone who can fill a whole empty coffee cup pouring only a half of a cup of coffee into it. The Amazing Randi's offer is a fraud!

If Dennis Lee made electricity at no operating cost it is because the energy source that must be there is a free (no cost to operate) source of energy. It is not something for nothing... it's power from a source of energy that they have not figured out how to charge you for.

A perpetual motion machine is one that runs with no apparent energy source from nothing. Of course everyone agrees that is not possible.

Magnetics is an energy source that is free. Heat from the air (ambient), if it can be converted through a low cost pressurization process to higher temperatures is another source.

A hydraulic engine that runs 90% efficient on low grade energy from air even in sub zero conditions is another source of free energy.

Nutrinos are electrical particles that are everywhere, and can cause a flow of electricity without any mechanical device.

The ionosphere is filled with positively charged ions that are also a source of free energy (as is static electricity.) Optical magnification of electric waves (or even scalar waves) is another source of energy that could be free of cost.

Of course solar and wind are free, but those are sources that are greatly restricted (and, thus, are impractical), whereas the others mentioned are readily available at all times.

That is why you hear a lot about the impractical solar and wind alternatives and nothing about the others.

Why is it that the most qualified critic of Dennis Lee (Doctor Parks, physicist from Maryland University) refuses to publicly debate Dennis Lee?

Dennis Lee offered the Maryland University a lot of cash to host a debate. At first they thought they could arrange it, but Dr. Parks was unwilling. Dennis told them he would give them the money whether Dr Parks won the debate or not, just for showing up.

Dr Parks is an expert who did not go on stage at any of 47 public shows to measure Dennis Lee's claims even though Dennis Lee actually did one public presentation on the campus of the college he works at to make it convenient for him to do so.

Dr. Parks is willing to be an expert for the media on the subject where he can misrepresent what Dennis Lee is even saying, but knows full well he would not fare well in a debate.

Mr. Eric Krieg has no reputation to protect, so he enthusiastically pursues truth twisting as an art form. He would capitalize on the emotion of the crowd, and insist that up is down. There is not even any attempt at intellectual honesty there. Is there a conspiracy?

Universities cater to their benefactors just like politicians and media owners do. Do you know about the hold the pharmaceutical companies have over the medical schools? If not, read "Cures They Do Not Want You To Know About" by Kevin Trudeau and discover the truth about that conspiracy involving the same big business concepts that we have encountered. Medical students get almost no classes on nutrition and thousands of hours of Pharmacology.

In Ventura, Dennis Lee was held over for trial, because an expert witness was recruited from the electric companies to testify that he tested technology the Sheriff took (wherever they stored it) and it did not work.

The world class experts who worked for Dennis were told by the arresting officer that if they came forward they and their family would be killed, so there were none willing to even remain subpoena able.

Later, the government's expert was proven to be a liar when those threatened, and at risk of losing their lives and their families, had the courage to come forward anyway. Eventually Dennis Lee proved he had the technology in a court of law and all the criminal charges were dropped.

Who has held any of those in law enforcement (or their expert) responsible for that? Those are the guys who the media actually asks what happened and believes them without checking into it.

They are not going to admit that they kidnapped Dennis Lee. It takes a search of the facts to discover the truth of that. They know the public is not that interested. The reporters are paid to ferret out these things, but they work for the other side. And, if they did there is the editor to get past.

Yet the truth is obvious. We went on a national tour with our permanent magnet motor and let anyone test it on stage. A full page ad in USA TODAY on September 17th in 1999 challenged every scientist in this country to come and measure it themselves.

Thousands of people confirmed ONE electrical in and FIVE mechanical out! No one measured anything different than that. Where did the other four units of energy come from? No, it was not perpetual motion... it came from the magnets in the permanent magnet motor. But the scientists do not know how to exploit magnets as an energy source. Right!

They did not know how to make an object that was heavier than air fly at the turn of the century either. Alexander Graham Bell was arrested at first for selling telephones to gullible investors because "any fool knows you cannot talk over a wire"... Because the scientists do not know how to exploit an energy source does not mean it is impossible to exploit it!

Dennis Lee does all sorts of things on stage the scientists cannot do. You can see them with your own eyes (and even get some pretty good explanations of what is happening) at any one of the showcases held in New Jersey every week. The experts are seldom wrong about what has already been proven and accepted, but seldom right about what has not yet been accepted.

Lee claims he caused congress to deregulate electricity...

On March 5, 1996, it is a fact that he did do a show for the Congress of the United States IN Washington D.C. at the train station (Union Station.)

If this technology is true, why is Dennis Lee still alive?

It was not like no one ever tried to kill Dennis Lee. They just finally gave up on it. Dennis Lee has not had a good death threat since he left prison in California ten years ago.

He is far too visible now. When this whole thing began he had many attempts on his life. Hit men tried to shoot him in his car on the highway and even came to his home in Seattle and took him out of his house to kill him.

Each time something miraculous happened, (read a few of the stories in the book "The Alternative".) It was when they actually did kill a girl working for him in shipping that this whole crusade for free electricity came about to put the people from electric utilities in the Northwest, who Dennis believes were responsible, out of business. This woman's dead body was discovered by her seven year old daughter.

That did it for Dennis Lee, a very wealthy man at that time who gave up everything to stop the unfair practices of big business in America, and the quest has continued to this day. Law enforcement would not even arrest the industrial spy we could prove was responsible for that act of inhumanity.

We have had a lot of spies in our history. It is impossible to understand why it is so hard for anyone to believe that big businesses who stand to lose trillions of dollars would pay spies, officials, judges, media, and guys like Eric Krieg and others to muddy the waters and stop the support of the public.

Their goal is just to make it difficult enough for people to discover the truth that they don't bother. They don't need to convince you, they just need to neutralize you so we do not get your support.

If we cannot rally the public, we have no choice but to go through the system's gauntlet they have prepared for people who want to change things.

We are convinced that it is impossible to go through the system and make a change the big boys do not want. They control the politicians, the courts, the media, and the universities. A movement spurred by grass roots awareness is the only thing none of them can stop.

In prison, there were two more attempts to kill Dennis Lee. The biggest one was impossible for him to have survived. That story is in "The Alternative" book that Dennis Lee actually wrote in prison. This project, however, is not dependent on Dennis Lee. A man is a fool if he does not make himself dispensable.

There are many other people in this project who collectively know everything. There is no one they can kill to stop this. In spite of the odds, the beat goes on. What con man operates a twenty year long con.

Cons are usually in and out. What con man has millions of dollars go through his hands and stays long enough to end up broke? What con man has no boat, no plane, no beautiful home, no nice car, or lavish life style?

Look at what has transpired and see it for what it is. Dennis Lee will not relent until this changes.

Rather than being a defeatist who thinks there is no way to change this why not support the one who has risked everything and dedicated his very talented life, enduring ridicule, prison, slander, attempts on his life, broken bones, and the loss of any family life to change this for the American people.

Why has Dennis Lee missed so many deadlines for this event?

At the end of 1996, Dennis Lee announced that he was going to "Go For It". The idea was that he was going to get the technology ready and the UCSA dealers were going to recruit the witnesses for public demonstrations.

Giving no firm date except that as soon as those two things happened it would happen. Dennis Lee's part was to prepare the technology. In 1988, the Hydraulic Engine ran 24 hours without stopping from heat it took from the air during a snow storm. A dozen witnesses and a notary public confirm that event. The inventor and Dennis had a 50/50 deal, and the inventor went to Texas and never came back.

He deadlocked Dennis and that was it for that technology. So, by 1999, BWT research group had prepared the Hummingbird Motor, and took it on tour to prove we could solve any Y2K problem that might occur. It was proven to be 1 electrical in and 5 mechanical out.

That should have been in every newspaper and on the cover of every magazine in America. The dealers had all they needed to get the witnesses so we could bring the technology out. The media, critics, and AGs did all they could to muddy the waters and confuse the people. The Y2K didn't happen or we would have been unstoppable, because we had the answer to any power outages. Somehow the opposition was able to keep the people from just agreeing to be witnesses.

What we needed was the witnesses. The technology, Dennis Lee's part, was done for the second time (actually the third time if you count the technology proven in court in Ventura in 1989.) In 2001, Dennis Lee took the Sundance Generator on tour with a full page challenge in Newsweek Magazine for the scientific community to come out and measure it.

That tour was gathering momentum when the Twin Tours were collapsed. The momentum fizzled.

During this entire time, contrary to the lies told by critics, Dennis Lee has not ever said he was ready or announced a date for the demonstrations.

Critics make it sound like he missed a deadline every year. The only thing he had ever said was that as soon as we get the witnesses, we'll bring it forth.

Of course, who would have thought it would be so hard to get the people to come forth to save themselves?  It was a shock to Dennis that it has not happened yet. Dennis proved himself technically capable in 1999.

There is one reason why he has not had the demonstration since that time, and it has nothing to do with Dennis Lee. People have been unwilling to sign up to set themselves and their country free of this oil insanity!

In 2002, a friend of the project used connections to get a commitment from the major labor unions in the USA to sign up all the rest of the witnesses we needed.

Dennis Lee AT THAT ONE TIME announced that we would do the demonstrations before the end of 2003. Dennis was himself tired of waiting.

Seeing the possibility of the witnesses, who were to come forth on September on Labor Day, Dennis, basically, gave an ultimatum to God. It will happen this time or I'm out of here! The labor unions pulled out with no explanation (possibly a call from the White House.) That was embarrassing, but that was the only time Dennis Lee every missed a deadline!

He very publicly repented of it right afterward and promised he would never give another date for the demonstrations. It was, and still is, to be held when the witnesses are all signed up and not one minute before then!

We are convinced that without the witnesses it is impossible to confront this system and win no matter what technology you have.

Everyone is an expert. Why not just go to another country, or sneak up on them and surprise the big boys. Let me tell you something whether you understand it or not. From the Illuminati perspective there is only one world to conquer. If they don't want something to happen, no country is going to stand against them.

The King in that country will just make it big selling you down the river. You do not sneak up on the most powerful group of psychopaths who are running your world into hell - if they can.

It is only with massive grass roots public awareness in this well armed Republic that this dramatic change can be made.

There is one way this will happen. The people must be willing to agree to witness the event and be part of 100 football stadiums filled with eye witnesses to an event that will happen nationwide in every state on the same day and at the same hour that the media will be forced to cover, and the politicians will not want to appear to be against.

The critics know this is unstoppable, as do the AGs, as does the media and the BBB, and the universities, and judges. Otherwise, why do they struggle so hard to stop us from getting the witnesses we need?

There is an easy way to find out if we are real or not. Dennis told the reporter from Forbes, just get us the witnesses and then Dennis has to either put up or shut up we are not waiting for Dennis, we are waiting for the people!

Dennis is just the guy we blame for it taking so long while the entire system is stomping on him and doing all that is within their means to keep us from getting the witnesses... Another cross for Dennis to bear.

Why does Dennis Lee not just go away and leave us alone?

Think about it. One thing all critics agree with... this is a talented man. He could make a living a whole lot easier and have a lot happier life style. He believes that if this is going to stop and America is going to survive this big business era, someone is going to have to stand up to this.

Everyone is a part of this. Yet no one wants to see their part in it. The AG, the cop, the judge, the reporter, the businessman involved in the industry, and even the man on the street. Collectively you are the problem.

This is really not as much about "Bad Guys" being deceptive and orchestrating a deliberate conspiracy as it is about people being willing to take the bribe or turn the other way when they know what they are doing is wrong.

They are just doing what they have to do to make their little part of the universe work and never realize the effect it is having on everyone's universe. Of course the bad guys count on this phenomenon. They are using ordinary people to undo themselves.

This has all gotten out of hand by each individual not accepting responsibility for their part in it. No one could do to this country what has been done without the cooperation of the people on what, to them, seems like insignificant little breaches of duty.

People wrongly think their little indiscretion will not mean much to the big picture... but it is the big picture.

It's a series of pixels that comprises the whole picture. Now, for the first time, there is a way to reverse this problem. The problem starts with the individual, and it can be solved by the individual.

People can add their pixel to the picture of 1.6 million Americans sitting in bleachers and forcing the public officials, the media, and the entire government system and big business to open America back up to free enterprise.

There is something that you can do to make a difference. In fact, if you do not, this opportunity to change things back cannot happen.

One thing is sure, and that is that Dennis Lee has not been willing to turn a blind eye on his self-appointed sacred duty even though many have tried to coerce him. But, the big question is, What are you going to do?

Click here to read Dennis's "scamster" response in PDF format and to print it for others. For the free acrobat reader - click here


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