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Power Controller

UCSA's Power Controller is the most advanced and most efficient power factor controller in the world.
Reduce Electrical Usage & Increase Motor Life!

The Power Controller optimizes energy savings, enhances performance and extends the useful life of inductive motors.

Originally developed for NASA, this technology has been advanced and made available through UCSA.

The Power Controller uses a programmed microchip to cut the energy usage by as much as 50%.

It works on any inductive motor, ensuring that it consumes just enough electrical power to meet the energy requirements.

This means less wear and tear translating to lower maintenance and replacement costs, and less downtime due to motor failure.

The PC's are made for use with any inductive motor, but give the greatest benefit with: pumps, blowers, fans, commercial washers and dryers, machine shop equipment such as drill presses, lathes, grinders, conveyer belts, escalators, bowling alleys, commercial refrigerators, and all sorts of commercial applications including Laundromats.

Bowling alleys are an excellent application for the PC (Power Controller).

The motor that sets the pins runs in a "stand by" mode all day long, and the PC can demonstrate a savings in this application, of 35% on the average.


  • Automatic Motor Configurator® AMC: Analyzes motor size and load to calculate optimum settings (user friendly, no adjustments needed, just plug in and forget) for all in-line and plug-in models.
  • Smooth Ramp up Engagement® (SRE): Save bearing and belt life by smoothly engaging the power at startup and while running with variable loads. A must for every commercial motor.
  • Super Saver Monitor® (SSM): Automatically and continually selects the most efficient setting for each motor configuration throughout the entire motor's operation. Eliminates sudden jolts and impacts during load changes which means less wear and tear on your motor.
  • Status Mode LED® (SML):
    Tri-color lights inform you what mode of operation microprocessor is in.  Flashes codes with the LED if there is too much power factor jitter, the motor is fully loaded, or it is overloaded.
  • Simple to install and adaptable to a variety of motors.
  • Wire it in by following the instructions and forget it. The PC does all the work.

PC# 117 / PC 1.1
Controls any single phase inductive motor up to 3 horse power. It can be 110 volt or 220 volts. It works equally well on fixed applications like blower or pump motors that run at the same load all of the time or on variable applications like a compressor or dryer that changes load continually.

Types of motors recommended for use with the PC-1.1 are machine shop motors, swimming pool pump motors, air-conditioning compressor motors, convenience store compressor motors, bowling alley pin setter & ball return motors and any rotating single phase AC inductive motor that is not otherwise power-factor corrected.

See Typical PC-1.1 Power Savings at the end of this document. It shows motors from 1/4hp to 1.5hp as examples

The PC-1.1 light duty power control system (3 HP and under) is designed to work with rotating single phase AC inductive motors that are not otherwise power-factor corrected.

Capacitor Run motors will not function with this PC-1.1 system

Universal motors (brush type) will not benefit from the system either

The system cannot be used on 3 phase motors or electronic devices such as clocks, radios or computers

The PC-1.1 must be connected directly to the input of the AC Motor. The PC-1.1 can be wired for 110 or 220VAC and is NOT grounded to the printed circuit board.

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Power Controller

Save Power
& Extend Motor Life

Our Power Controller Saves Electricity and Extends the Life of a Motor


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