Free Energy - Fantastic, Our Future ? ...Or a Fraud?

First, a few observations. We live on this planet because of free energy supplied by the sun. We stay on the surface courtesy of free gravity. Permanent magnets supply a source of free energy to counteract gravity. You can use your permanent magnet to hold up a sign that says, "Free Energy is Impossible."

This discussion is somewhat along the lines of scholars who sat around discussing the impossibility of heavier than air flight while eating roast duck and laughing at the Wright Brothers, whose demonstrations they refused to watch because they knew "heavier than air flight" couldn't be true.

Scholars quickly jump from definition to definition like trained dogs. Oh, we don't mean free, that way. Who cares what they mean?

History has shown that when an inventor/innovator promotes change, he is met with rabid resistance, ridicule, and prosecution. Bruno was burned alive for refusing to change his stance that the Earth was not the center of the universe. The most respected scholars of their day refused to look through telescopes because it might contradict their belief that the moon was perfectly round... And most scholars, government bureaucrats and reporters refused to attend demonstrations by the Wright Brothers because they knew heavier than air flight was impossible.

One of the biographies of the Wright Brothers was written by a reporter as an apology because he had continued to call them frauds and refused to attend demonstrations for years after they were successfully and routinely flying.

However, wouldn't frauds and con artists also be treated the same way? How can a person tell the difference? Well, one way might be to look through the telescope or to go see a demonstration for yourself and make up your own mind.

Just because the talking heads of media, politicians, tenured university hacks, and, so-called, non-profit, "no ax to grind", organizations think we should listen to them and not decide for ourselves does not mean that we are incapable of making decisions for ourselves.

I could be wrong. I look at the critics who refuse to watch the videos or attend the demonstrations.

I consider the presentation Dennis Lee did in Washington, DC, reserved only for government officials (Who didn't attend.) at substantial cost. Why would a con-artist invite the FBI, the Justice Department, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, everyone in the Executive Branch, all members of the House and Senate, and the judiciary?

I think about eight people showed up. Not the ones invited; but, the delegates of their delegates. Now, not being a con-artist doesn't mean Dennis would be successful...
This has all the historic earmarks of incredible new technologies. Let's risk a little. One other thing we should always consider is the risk/reward ratio. What are the current benefits? What are the potential future benefits? How much does it cost? Can we afford the risk? Is it something we want to support whether successful or not?

Most innovation ends up crashing and burning. A product may work successfully and fail in the market place. Many of them never have the opportunity to fail. They cannot get beyond the bureaucratic barriers to market entry and the ridicule of the so-called experts.

"Inventions rarely come from people within an industry, but, instead come from people on the outside who aren't under the same limiting beliefs & habitual thinking that forms within any organization or industry." -- Dr. James Asher San Jose State University Author on Advanced Learning. We believe it's possible for each individual to establish means and methods to take control of their own lives instead of living at the whim of the central planning, grossly inefficient, arrogant aristocrazies in DC (District of Corruption).

Our lives belong in our own hands. If for no other reason; because, at the end of our lives we, as individuals, are the only ones who were ever truly responsible for our own journey.

If you believe that you ought to be free and responsible for your own life and that others deserve the right to own their own lives - then imagine your life as it could be with free energy and other revolutinoary technologies.

"When you find that you are on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect" -- Mark Twain "Almost everything that almost everyone believes is wrong." -- Jay Snelson


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