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Public Awareness Kit

Discover several ways that that electricity can be produced for free.

Find out how we can claim that "perpetual motion" is possible, even without violating any of the laws of physics!

Public Awareness Kit

Kit Includes:

  • A brief look at the track record of Experts
  • Exhibits of what has already been demonstrated and proven in "The Case for Free Electricity.
  • See our Hummingbird Motor producing 5 times more torque relative to the electricity supplied.
  • See demonstrations of several other ways electricity could be produced for free, such as with the neutrino technology.
  • Take our Technology Tour and learn about revolutionary technologies available now and about the really exciting ones which await.
  • You'll also receive several indirectly related eye-opening DVD's, including one by Aaron Russo titled America Freedom to Fascism, and several others - all of which may collectively help you to Thrive!
  • Free Electricity from the world's most efficient motor and revolutionary generator
  • Other free electricity devices such as the Neutrino device
  • World's most efficient Heat Engine (Fischer Cycle)
  • Tesla Turbine to make electricity, Tesla Generator
  • See Magneto Hydro Dynamics at room temperature.
  • Nega-watt circuit demonstrates electricity is used but not consumed.
  • Run a car engine on water, CO2, oxygen, compressed air, or heat with Thermal Storage
  • Medical laser camera to see right through the human body. See skeleton and organs without any harmful radiation.
  • Puncture Proof Pneumatic Tires that never go flat
  • Heat Paint your driveway & never shovel snow again
  • World's most efficient
  • Pump water for farmers, absolutely free
  • Plastic Houses (last 2000 years - no termites)
  • Make Building Blocks from garbage
  • Burn garbage without smoke or noxious oxides.
The Research Team:
  • Designer of the modern submarine hull
  • Prior Superintendent of 747 Mfg. Plant
  • Designer of tracking systems for NASA
  • Prior Chief Research Eng. for Batelle
  • Ex-Manager of 12 electric power plants
  • Expert on internal combustion engines
  • Renowned Dr. of Electrical Engineering Various engineers, machinists, etc.
  • Expert on Tesla's research from 30 years of study.

The following are available NOW!

  • Power Controllers - save 1/3 to 1/2 the electricity to power motors.
  • Therm-A-Guard flame retardant paint that can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills.
  • Fire Sentry puts out a stove fire even if you're away and forget to turn off your stove.
  • Soni-Grow makes everything that grows - grow better.
  • Insect-a-Shield kills insects without poison, environmentally safe and completely non-toxic.


Non Toxic Bug Killer

It's a clean kill for insect pests using this non-toxic, organic powder that's beneficial to humans and pets

Power Controller

Save Power
& Extend Motor Life

Our Power Controller Saves Electricity and Extends the Life of a Motor


Paint on Insulation

Use this amazing Paint-on-Insulation to block thermal transfer far more effectively than Bat insulation

Magnetic Laundry System

Never Buy Laundry Soap Again

Start saving all the money you have been spending on Laundry Soap. Use our Magnetic Laundry System which is non-polluting, won't damage fabrics, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Soni-Grow Home and Garden Kit

Grow Plants Better and Faster!

With the sounds of nature and organic nutrients, you'll get greater yields, better plant vitality and natural pest resistance.

Tesla Symposium Books

Tesla Symposium Books

From the former International Tesla Society.