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Fire Sentry

Fumes from the fire can escape into the ventilation system and spread everywhere. The entire home could be on fire in a matter of minutes.

Fire Sentry contains siliconated beads of baking soda that won't cake up, and won't spread a grease fire as fire extinguishers will.  It's always ready to put the fire out quickly.


Stovetop fires result in more home losses than any other cause.

Put one in each of your car's glove compartments to douse an engine fire or other fire emergencies.

These make great gifts for the conscientious and practical people in your life.

You can even pour water in the bottle and it'll stay dry, so it'll be ready by your stove or in your car indefinitely since condensation will not affect it.

Preparation is the answer to preventing a fire disaster.  Get a Fire Sentry for your car and one to keep by your stove.

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Non Toxic Bug Killer

It's a clean kill for insect pests using this non-toxic, organic powder that's beneficial to humans and pets

Power Controller

Save Power
& Extend Motor Life

Our Power Controller Saves Electricity and Extends the Life of a Motor


Paint on Insulation

Use this amazing Paint-on-Insulation to block thermal transfer far more effectively than Bat insulation

Magnetic Laundry System

Never Buy Laundry Soap Again

Start saving all the money you have been spending on Laundry Soap. Use our Magnetic Laundry System which is non-polluting, won't damage fabrics, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Soni-Grow Home and Garden Kit

Grow Plants Better and Faster!

With the sounds of nature and organic nutrients, you'll get greater yields, better plant vitality and natural pest resistance.

Tesla Symposium Books

Tesla Symposium Books

From the former International Tesla Society.